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No To Drunk Driving - World Health Organization PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Jun 04, 2015

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  • Slide 1 - Mobilizing policy makers in support of road safety: the Monterrey, Mexico experience
  • Slide 2 - Who we are NACE is an NGO based in Monterrey, México. Our mission is to decrease the rate of crashes and traffic fatalities caused by drunk driving. It was founded in february 2000, with the support of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), the leading american NGO in fighting drunk driving. Monterrey did not have legislation to prevent drunk driving. MADD’s advice: focus on urging alcohol legislation to prevent drunk driving
  • Slide 3 - Where we are USA
  • Slide 4 - Context of the problem Road crashes is the fourth cause of death in Mexico. Road crashes is the first cause of death in the 5 – 35 year old range. Monterrey Metropolitan Area has: A population of 4.2 million The first place in road crashes in Mexico: 80,000 per year. Monterrey is home to the largest brewing company in Mexico Icon of the city’s industrial development and economic growth; A powerful force in legislation. Source:
  • Slide 5 - Timeline of events Meeting with State Governor 1999 2000 Creation of NACE Government’s response to the problem: “There aren’t enough jails for the drunk drivers” MADD’s advice: focus on urging alcohol legislation First law draft is presented to Congress* 2001 The request: drunk drivers should be convicted and prosecuted for the death of one or more persons. Unsatisfacto-ry Congress response 2001 Media and billboard campaign 2002 The message: “Congressmen: How many more have to DIE?” Getting attention from authorities & media 2002 Substitute Governor in office 2003 The new Governor supported creating alcohol legislation *Nuevo León State Congress
  • Slide 6 - Message in billboards around the city “Congressmen: How many more have to DIE?”
  • Slide 7 - Independentpoll conducted 2003 2003 Media following of the process 78% of the citizens supported creating an alcohol bill Exerted pressure on congressmen 2003 New bill is presented to Congress 2003 Congress approves bill by unanimity 2003 NACE becomes a reference Keypoints of the law: 0.08 as the legal alcohol limit for driving Rehabilitation and community service Regulation of alcohol sales. High fines for drunk drivers. Ground to convict and prosecute drunk drivers for the death of one or more persons. Timeline of events
  • Slide 8 - Key success factors Approach the head of government or high level authorities Get media support (Leading newspaper and TV Network) Communicate periodic relevant content on the problem at hand Create awareness of the problem in the community Pressure for legislation supported by a poll and billboard campaign Establish alliance with NGOs (Local Chamber of Commerce, Parents’ Organizations, Local Citizen Councils, among others) Negotiation skills; in our case, putting the future career of politicians and legislators at risk NACE Installation in Mexico’s Day of the Dead
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