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Nanotechnology nanoFLUIDS PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Aug 07, 2014

In : Science & Technology

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  • Slide 1 - www.kostic.niu.edu/DRnanofluids Wet-Nanotechnology: nanofluids at NIU
  • Slide 2 - www.kostic.niu.edu/DRnanofluids Dry- vs. Wet-nanotechnology Fluids (gases & liquids) vs. Solids in Nature and (Chemical & Bio) Industry More degree of freedoms – more opportunities…(also more challenges) Nanofluids: nanoparticles in base fluids * Understanding nano-scale particle-fluid interactions in physical-, chemical-, and bio-processes, and engineering new/enhanced functional products Directed self-assembly: * starts from suspension of nanoparticles in fluids * ends with advanced sensors and actuators, devices, systems, and processes Synergy of dry-nanotechnology (solid-state) & wet-nanotechnology (POLY-nanofluids)
  • Slide 3 - www.kostic.niu.edu/DRnanofluids Nanofluids: Suspensions of nanoparticles in base fluids Size does matter: unique transport properties, different from conventional suspensions: do not settle under gravity, do not block flow, etc … Enhancing functions and properties by combining and controlling interactions Combining different nanoparticles (structure, size) in different base-fluids with additives Controlling interactions using different “mixing” methods and thermal-, flow-, catalyst-, and other field-conditions
  • Slide 4 - www.kostic.niu.edu/DRnanofluids Wet-Nanotechnology: nanofluids’ applications Advanced, hybrid nanofluids: Heat-transfer nanofluids (ANL & NIU) Tribological nanofluids (NIU) Surfactant and Coating nanofluids Chemical nanofluids Process/Extraction nanofluids Environmental (pollution cleaning) nanofluids Bio- and Pharmaceutical-nanofluids Medical nanofluids (drug delivery and functional tissue-cell interaction)
  • Slide 5 - www.kostic.niu.edu/DRnanofluids NIU- nanofluids Development of advanced hybrid nanofluids: POLY-nanofluids (Polymer-nanofluids) and DR-nanofluids (Drag-Reduction-nanofluids) Development of Heat-transfer nanofluids Collaboration with ANL and NSF Proposal Related Invention/Patent Application pending Coherent X-ray Scattering Dynamic Characterization Development of Tribological nanofluids Center for Tribology and Coating (CTC) Project More at: www.kostic.niu.edu/DRnanofluids Web Search>nanofluids

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