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Multiple Myeloma - University of South Carolina

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Multiple Myeloma - University of South Carolina PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available Multiple Myeloma - University of South Carolina powerpoint presentation for free download ... Read More

Tags : Multiple Myeloma - University of South Carolina

Published on : Feb 24, 2014
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Slide 1 - Multiple Myeloma Definition: B-cell malignancy characterised by abnormal proliferation of plasma cells able to produce a monoclonal immunoglobulin ( M protein ) Incidence: 3 - 9 cases per 100000 population / year more frequent in elderly modest male predominance
Slide 2 - Multiple Myeloma Clinical forms: multiple myeloma solitary plasmacytoma plasma cell leukemia M protein: - is seen in 99% of cases in serum and/or urine IgG > 50%, IgA 20-25%, IgE i IgD 1-3% light chain 20% - 1% of cases are nonsecretory
Slide 3 - Multiple Myeloma Clinical manifestations are related to malignant behavior of plasma cells and abnormalities produced by M protein plasma cell proliferation: multiple osteolytic bone lesions hypercalcemia bone marrow suppression ( pancytopenia ) monoclonal M protein decreased level of normal immunoglobulins hyperviscosity
Slide 4 - Multiple Myeloma Clinical symptoms: bone pains, pathologic fractures weakness and fatigue serious infection renal failure bleeding diathesis
Slide 5 - Multiple Myeloma Laboratory tests: ESR > 100 anaemia, thrombocytopenia rouleaux in peripheral blood smears marrow plasmacytosis > 10 -15% hyperproteinemia hypercalcemia proteinuria azotemia
Slide 6 - Diagnostic Criteria for Multiple Myeloma Major criteria I. Plasmacytoma on tissue biopsy II. Bone marrow plasma cell > 30% III. Monoclonal M spike on electrophoresis IgG > 3,5g/dl, IgA > 2g/dl, light chain > 1g/dl in 24h urine sample Minor criteria a. Bone marrow plasma cells 10-30% b. M spike but less than above c. Lytic bone lesions d. Normal IgM < 50mg, IgA < 100mg, IgG < 600mg/dl
Slide 7 - Diagnostic Criteria for Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis: I + b, I + c, I + d II + b, II + c, II + d III + a, III + c, I II + d a + b + c, a +b + d
Slide 8 - Staging of Multiple Myeloma Clinical staging is based on level of haemoglobin, serum calcium, immunoglobulins and presence or not of lytic bone lesions correlates with myeloma burden and prognosis I. Low tumor mass II. Intermediate tumor mass III. High tumor mass subclassification A - creatinine < 2mg/dl B - creatinine > 2mg/dl
Slide 9 - Multiple Myeloma Poor prognosis factors cytogenetical abnormalities of 11 and 13 chromosomes beta-2 microglobulines > 2,5 ug/ml
Slide 10 - Treatment of Multiple Myeloma Patients < 65 - 70 years high-dose therapy with autologous stem cell transplantation allogeneic stem cell transplantation ( conventional and „mini”) Patients > 65 years conventional chemotherapy non-myeloablative therapy with allogeneic transplantation („mini”)
Slide 11 - Treatment of Multiple Myeloma Conventional chemotherapy Melphlan + Prednisone M2 ( Vincristine, Melphalan, Cyclophosphamid, BCNU, Prednisone) VAD (Vincristin, Adriamycin, Dexamethasone) Response rate 50-60% patients Long term survival 5-10% patients
Slide 12 - Treatment of Multiple Myeloma Autologous transplantation patients < 65-70 years treatment related mortality 10-20% response rate 80% long term survival 40-50% Conventional allogeneic transplantation patients < 45-50 years with HLA-identical donor treatment related mortality 40-50% long term survival 20-30%
Slide 13 - Treatment of Multiple Myeloma New method non-myeloablative therapy and allogeneic transplantation thalidomid
Slide 14 - Treatment of Multiple Myeloma Supportive treatment biphosphonates, calcitonin recombinant erythropoietin immunoglobulins plasma exchange radiation therapy
Slide 15 - Disorder Associated with Monoclonal Protein Neoplastic cell proliferation multiple myeloma solitary plasmacytoma Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia heavy chain disease primary amyloidosis Undetermined significance monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) Transient M protein viral infection post-valve replacement Malignacy bowel cancer, breast cancer Immune dysregulation AIDS, old age Chronic inflamation
Slide 16 - Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance ( MGUS) M protein presence, stable levels of M protein: IgG < 3,5g IgA < 2g LC<1g/day normal immunoglobulins - normal levels marrow plasmacytosis < 5% complete blood count - normal no lytic bone lesions no signs of disease
Slide 17 - Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance ( MGUS) M protein 3% of people > 70 years 15% of people > 90 years MGUS is diagnosed in 67% of patients with an M protein 10% of patients with MGUS develop multiple myeloma