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Microsoft BizTalk Server Adapter for SAP PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Jan 08, 2015

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  • Slide 1 - Microsoft® BizTalk Server Adapter for SAP Rick Mittelstaedt Program Manager .Net Integration Server Group Microsoft Corporation
  • Slide 2 - Agenda Problem Scenario Adapter Highlights Products Overview Setup Considerations Data Flow Overview Demo Milestones and Licensing Resources Q & A
  • Slide 3 - Problem Scenario SAP to BizTalk Server integration today No out of the box solution available Requires writing to SAP interfaces Schema conversion difficult Transactional support requires use of SAP proprietary method calls
  • Slide 4 - Adapter Highlights Simple solution to SAP/BizTalk integration No need to write code No host (SAP) footprint required Up and running in a few hours! Loosely coupled SAP data is persisted to message queue Provides scalability
  • Slide 5 - BizTalk Server Overview Configuration, not custom app development Provides native transports Inbound: provides “receive functions” for asynchronously monitoring message queue(s) Outbound: uses the Adapter AIC for access to SAP
  • Slide 6 - Orchestration and Messaging BizTalk ORCHESTRATION
  • Slide 7 - Role of the Adapter Pipeline Pipeline STORE BizTalk MESSAGING PREPARE FOR TRANSPORT (Port) PROCESS DOCUMENT (Channel) DECRYPT DECODE PARSE Adapter based Integration BizTalk Orchestration
  • Slide 8 - Overview of SAP 14,000+ SAP R/3 installations worldwide 52% of all new SAP installations based on Windows (Q1 2001) Runs on Unix, Windows 2000 Uses RFC for BOR access Uses “IDOCs” as a data container tRFC (transactional RFC) for IDOC transactional integrity
  • Slide 9 - Overview of SAP DCOM Connector Integration component developed by SAP and Microsoft Single uniform environment SAP on any platform can interface with the DCOM Connector Supports standard RFCs for accessing data Supports tRFC protocol for reliably delivery Provides transactional support
  • Slide 10 - Overview of BizTalk Adapter for SAP Schema conversion Accessing BOR using standard RFC calls Retrieves IDOC structures from the BOR and converts them to Doc Specs Routing IDOCs From BTS to one of many possible SAP systems From SAP to an application specific MSMQ queue Guarantees IDOC delivery Using DTC transaction between COMforABAP, SQL, MSMQ for receiving IDOCs Using BizTalk tracking_id and SAP SubmitIDOC method SAP tRFC protocol
  • Slide 11 - Transactional Support Bi-directional, transactional support By means of SAP tRFC protocol COMforABAP receiving IDOCs from an SAP destination SubmitIDOC sending IDOCs to an SAP system COMforABAP defines the transactional interface and methods OnCheckTID IDOC_Inbound_Asynchronous | Inbound_IDOC_Process On Commit OnRollback OnConfirmTID SubmitIDOC utilizes a TID to guarantee delivery BizTalk AIC property “Tracking_ID” as TID Retry queues
  • Slide 12 - Transactional Support
  • Slide 13 - Setup Considerations SAP SAP Administration Providing accounts to access SAP for COMforABAP and BizTalk Adapter for SAP Manager Configuring tRFC ports, destinations, customer profiles, SAP business processes, etc. Configuring the DCOM Connector Configuring COMforABAP Install the latest SAP patch
  • Slide 14 - Setup Considerations MSMQ Define private queues Define public queues Set transactional property for each queue used by the adapter
  • Slide 15 - Setup Considerations BizTalk Server BizTalk Messaging Manager Define Doc Specs for each IDOC to be used Define Organizations Define Envelopes for Flat Files Define Document Definitions Define Ports (destination for the documents) Define Channels BizTalk Server Administration Receive functions
  • Slide 16 - Setup Considerations BizTalk Adapter for SAP Define SQL data source and TID table Select SAP destinations to be used Select MSMQ queues to be used Browse the SAP destination for IDOCs Generate BizTalk Doc Specs for selected IDOCs Define routing keys for delivering IDOCs to SAP and MSMQ queues Using IDOC control record fields to specify criteria Associate routing keys with SAP destinations and MSMQ queues
  • Slide 17 - Adapter SAP R/3 Creating the Doc Spec BOR Retrieve the IDOC Structure WebDav DCOM Connector BizTalk Box SAP Box IDOC Structure Doc Spec Convert to Doc Spec Saved to WebDav
  • Slide 18 - Accessing the SAP Schema Uses DCOM Connector to generate SAP RFC proxy for accessing the BOR IDOCtypes_For_Mestype_Read IDOCtype_Read_Complete IDOC_Record_Read
  • Slide 19 - Creating the Doc Spec Details Meta Data Accessor Generated RFC proxy used by the Adapter Returns requested data as ADO disconnected record sets Meta Data Container Adapter component that utilizes the Meta Data Container to retrieve information from the BOR Converts ADO data to a flat file Caches IDOC Structures Caches Control Record structure Establishes and maintains SAP sessions and connections Generate Doc Spec from cached structures
  • Slide 20 - IDOCHandler Receiving IDOCs SAP R/3 SAP Box WebDav COMforABAP BizTalk Messaging MSMQ Receive Func BizTalk Box COMforABAP & IDOCHandler guarantee IDOC delivery Doc Spec IDOC XMLDoc BizTalk Adapter ADO Recset tRFC Flat File Recv Func uses Doc Spec & FF from queue to make XML doc IDOCHandler converts & persists to queue
  • Slide 21 - Sending IDOCs SAP R/3 SAP Box Send IDOC AIC BizTalk Messaging BizTalk Box IDOC Rep. XML Doc Flat File IDOC BizTalk Adapter WebDav Doc Spec SAPIDOC.dll SubmitIDOC Receive Func SubmitIDOC guarantees IDOC delivery
  • Slide 22 - Scale your environment Configure multiple COMforABAP services Configure BizTalk Server working threads Use multi-processor machines, as the Adapter for SAP is disk intensive (Writes to MSMQ, SQL Server)
  • Slide 23 - Stability In house stress test results: Over 1,100,000 8K IDOC 9 day duration (error free) Test environment: Dual 1.4Ghz processor One COMforABAP BizTalk Server, COMforABAP, SQL, MSMQ, Adapter for SAP on same machine One File and MSMQ Receive Function
  • Slide 24 - Demo Overview CyclesCentral Windows 2000 Advanced Server SQL Server 2000 Commerce Server 2000 BizTalk Server 2000 or 2002 (Enterprise or Standard) Application Center 2000 Adapter for SAP AdventureWorks Windows 2000 Advanced Server SQL Server 2000 BizTalk Server 2000 or 2002 (Standard or Enterprise) BizTalk Adapter for SAP SAP R/3 4.6d
  • Slide 25 - Demo Cycles Central Configure Cycle Central minimum stock Make bike purchase View Orchestration schedules Check SQL RFQ transaction ID AdventureWorks Check RFQ in BizTalk Document Tracker Verify IDOC in SAP system Check IDOC in BizTalk Document Tracker Review Configuration of Adapter for SAP SAP Destinations MSMQ queues Define routing keys Associate routing keys
  • Slide 26 - Milestones and Licensing Product Milestones Tech Preview 1: 6/15/01 Tech Preview 2: 7/15/01 Beta: 9/28/01 RTM: 11/15 Licensing/ Pricing Per CPU $15K Support Full MS Support through regular channels
  • Slide 27 - Resources Professional BizTalk Woodgate, Mohr (Wrox Books) Enterprise Application Integration Linthicum (Addison-Wesley) Professional Visual Basic SAP R/3 Programming Ovanesyan (Wrox Books) Expanding the Reach of Your SAP Business Processes Russo, Rogers, Homann (DCOM Connector main site)
  • Slide 28 - Resources (cont’d) Positioning the Adapter for SAP vs. the Business Connector Fort, Mittelstaedt ( http://netis ) BizTalk Server WebMethods Competitive Analysis McCall ( http://netis ) Q&A Document Fort, Mittelstaedt (http://netis )
  • Slide 29 - ppt slide no 29 content not found

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