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Micoe water tank products and parts PowerPoint Presentation

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micoe918 By : micoe918

On : Dec 26, 2014

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Micoe water tank products and parts
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - Jiangsu Micoe Solar Energy Co.,Ltd.Jiangsu Micoe Solar Energy Co., Ltd. belongs to Solar East Solar Energy Stock Co., Ltd (Stock abbreviation: Solar East, stock code: 603366), concentrated on the research, development, production and sales for solar water heater http://en.micoe.com/, household solar water center, commercial solar system, large solar energy central hot water system, solar heating system, solar refrigeration and air conditioning system, it is the leader of current domestic solar energy industry. Micoe, as an international company, is specialized in researching and providing the solar thermal systems for families, factories and industries around the world. Founded in 2000, Micoe has grown to be the most professional company in China solar thermal industry. "Creating a world famous brand, being an everlasting company." Micoe will pursue the business concept as "to provide the valuable service to the customers", persevere in promotion of renewable energy in the global scope, calls for the global customer choose low carbon life. MICOE -- One of the largest and the most professional solar geyser supplier http://en.micoe.com/Company-profile.shtml and solar water heater supplier http://en.micoe.com/Company-profile.shtml. We are the master of green energy! Our website is http://en.micoe.com
  • Slide 2 - Pressurized Water Tank The upright tank can keep the water temperature at different level. It can heat the top water instantly. The special structure can prevent from mixing the cold and hot water together. The tank is located in the building, the connection pipe between the tank and water tap is very short, so that hot water can be used instantly and seldom cold water flows out. The tank is located in the building , the hot water loses less energy than the normal one. The heat collector and the water tank is separated, that makes the system combine with the building perfectly, which will not effect the sightseeing of the building and the environment around. Back up with electric heater so that in the day without sunshine hot water can also used. Capacity: 100L,150L,200L,250L,300L,400L,500L. Inner Tank: Stainless steel 1.2mm SUS316L/porcelain inner tank Outer Tank: painted steel-0.5mm/Stainless steel-0.5mm The heat insulation material: Polyurethane. The thickness of the insulation: 45mm. The use pressure: a. electrical heater b. the temperature and pressure relief valve. c. the sensor. d. the copper coil solar geyser http://en.micoe.com/residential/ heat exchanger: standard is with one. Customers could select tanks with two coils so the tank capacity is up to 200L. e. the drain pipe. The installation method: vertical. Our website is http://en.micoe.com/watertank/Pressurized-Water-Tank.shtml
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Description : Jiangsu Micoe pressurized heat pipe vacuum tube, solar vacuum tube and water tank. The heat insulation material-Polyurethane, The thickness of the insulation-45mm; Inner Tank-Stainless steel 1.2mm SUS316L/porcelain inner tank.

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