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PowerPoint presentation on Menopause and Aging, download now ppt of Menopause and Aging

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Menopause and Aging

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Menopause and Aging PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : PowerPoint presentation on Menopause and Aging, download now ppt of Menopause and Aging Read More

Tags : Menopause and Aging

Published on : Jan 08, 2015
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Slide 1 - Sex, Menopause, and Aging
Slide 2 - Overview The menopause transition Sexual changes during and after menopause Early menopause Hormone replacement therapy Aging and sexuality in men and women The “andropause” - male menopause?
Slide 3 - Menopause Ovaries become less responsive to FSH and LH Patterns of GnRH release from the hypothalamus become altered Pituitary gland becomes less responsive to GnRH
Slide 4 - Perimenopause Average age at onset in the late 40’s Irregular menstrual cycles Somatic and psychological symptoms emerge
Slide 5 - Post-menopause 12 months of amenorrhea Elevated FSH levels On average, reached by the early 50’s
Slide 6 - Is that all? No! The ovaries continue to produce androgens after menopause!
Slide 7 - Factors that may affect timing of menopause Smoking Genetics Number of pregnancies Body mass
Slide 8 - Symptoms of menopause Hot flashes Mood swings Vaginal dryness Vaginal atrophy Fatigue, weight gain, sleep disorders, headache, cognitive changes…..
Slide 9 - Menopause across cultures Do all women experience menopause as a major negative life event?
Slide 10 - www.youngeryounger.com “Study after study documents the astonishing effects that estrogen makes women not only feel better but healthier. Estrogen vastly improves the quality of day-to-day life for women by making them more youthful, energized, and healthier.” –www.youthtek.com www.no-wrinkles.com www.agelessforever.net
Slide 11 - Sexual changes at menopause Decreased sexual desire Lower levels of vaginal lubrication More painful sexual intercourse What doesn’t change?
Slide 12 - Early menopause Surgical menopause Removal of the ovaries, usually accompanied by hysterectomy Menopause induced by treatment for cancer Radiation therapy Chemotherapy Early natural menopause
Slide 13 - Early natural menopause Autoimmune disorders Genetics Problems in ovarian development Chromosomal irregularity Triple X syndrome Faulty second X chromosome
Slide 14 - Hormone replacement Estrogen: systemic or local Estrogen + progesterone Androgen replacement? Potential benefits Possible side effects
Slide 15 - Aging and sexuality How do you tell what is caused by menopause and what is caused by natural aging? A recent longitudinal study concluded that sexual arousal and orgasm are affected by both aging and menopause
Slide 16 - Sexuality in the elderly Healthy sexual relationships may continue into old age Common problems associated with aging include: Sexual dysfunction Death of partner Cultural attitudes towards sexuality Health problems
Slide 17 - The “andropause” Progressive decline of androgens over time Symptoms: erectile dysfunction, cognitive impairment, fatigue, vague somatic symptoms 40% of men have ED by age 40 Over two-thirds of men by age 70 Is the andropause a disorder?