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View and free download Listening Skill powerpoint presentation which is uploaded by search an active user in belonging ppt presentation Education & Training category.

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Listening Skill

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Listening Skill PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : View and free download Listening Skill powerpoint presentation which is uploaded by search an active... Read More

Tags : Listening Skill

Published on : Feb 10, 2014
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Slide 1 - Listening Skills Become an Effective Listener
Slide 2 - What is listening ? Listening (ILA, 1996): the process of receiving, constructing meaning from, and responding to spoken and/or nonverbal messages
Slide 3 - 3 Context Sender Receiver Message Media Feedback
Slide 4 - Listening VS. Hearing Hearing : Physical process Natural Passive Listening: Physical and Mental Process Active Learned Process Skill
Slide 5 - Percentage of Communication
Slide 6 - Listening Facts We LISTEN at 125-250 words per minute We THINK at 1000-3000 words per minute 20 % of the time we REMEMBER what we hear 85% of what we know is learned by LISTENING 45% of the time we spend LISTENING
Slide 7 - Barriers to Effective Listening Our thoughts focus on ourselves: Personal Situation, Expectation, Relationship, Emotional Mindset. Our Minds Wander - We Think 8X time faster than we speak . - We Speak at 130 words per minute. - We Think at 1000 words per minute.
Slide 8 - Techniques to Enhance Your Listening Sender You As a Receiver Message
Slide 9 - Techniques to Enhance Your Listening 1. Listen carefully and analyze physical language 2. Try not to interrupt: listen with patience 3. Nod/smile at speaker to acknowledge understanding
Slide 10 - Techniques to Enhance Your Listening 4. Fix your posture to make speaker feel comfortable 5. Face the speaker and make eye contact to show interest and concern
Slide 11 - Techniques to Enhance Your Listening 6. Ask appropriate and relevant questions for clarification 7. Stay focused by avoiding distractions around you 8. Take notes to remember details for review
Slide 12 - Techniques to Enhance Your Listening 9. Be open minded to new ideas and topics 10. Do not judge and jump to conclusions
Slide 13 - Techniques to Enhance Your Listening Sender Receiver Message Importance of Listening Listening vs. Hearing Listening Facts Barriers to Effective Listening Techniques to enhance your listening Sender Message Sender
Slide 14 - Credits Anastasia DOROHOVARiccardo ROSSIJoseph ALFIEJaber ZREIKElie SALEMQibo WANG
Slide 15 - ppt slide no 15 content not found