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eMarketing Solutions is a digital marketing company specializing in SEO, PPC, SMO marketing and management in Texas.

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SEO Marketing Austin | Online Marketing Austin | Website Development Austin

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Internet Marketing Austin PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : eMarketing Solutions is a digital marketing company specializing in SEO, PPC, SMO marketing and mana... Read More

Tags : SEO Marketing Austin | Online Marketing Austin | Website Development Austin

Published on : Oct 21, 2014
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Internet Marketing Austin
Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - Internet Marketing Austin
Slide 2 - Search Engine Marketing Expertise at Your Service We all understand that search engine optimization is important. But getting there is another story, and one that not many people seem to understand how to tell. At eMarketing Solutions, SEO marketing is one of our many strong points. With our Cedar Park, TX strategists at the cutting-edge of the latest news, technologies, and information surrounding organic SEO, our knowledge is your gain. We’ll implement a customized strategy that boosts your authority, and attracts a higher volume of website traffic. Better Website Experiences, Authoritative Content First, expect a thorough and complete vetting of your site to identify and address the potential problems and errors that might look small, but cost big in the world of SEO marketing. Next, we’ll help you refine your website to take advantage of the site architecture choices that yield the most benefit with the search engines. Transparent Reporting, Responsive Service Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll receive the regular data that should go along with any SEO campaign. With us, however, you get more than just a few numbers. Our comprehensive reports will show you exactly what we’re doing, what’s been done, and what you can expect from the future on a month-by-month basis. This way, you can keep track of expenses and make doubly sure your needs are being met.
Slide 3 - Social Media Marketing Don’t Be a Wallflower With more than a billion Facebook users online and millions on Twitter, Pinterest and others, you know you can’t afford to skip the party. Building a social media marketing platform is a highly effectual method of spreading the word about your company over various channels. With Cedar Park based eMarketing Solutions at the helm, we can help you stand out from others in your category with interesting, shareable content that gets results. Get Profiles that Get Noticed In a sea of corporate accounts, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle without a solid SMO marketing plan. Our expert social media marketing team will create a profile for your company on a popular networking platform guaranteed to move you ahead of the competition. Whether you need shop and share integration, seasonal messaging, or custom tabs to promote ROI or new products, we can do more than help. Results Drive the Bus As a results-driven company, we aim to fulfill the needs of our Austin clients by constructing well-researched, intelligent SMO marketing campaigns. Naturally, you’ll receive the regular reporting and data that shows our work, and our results. Custom, personalized social media is our specialty. You’ll understand why when you check out the outcomes we’ll report.
Slide 4 - Pay Per Click Advertising All Paid Search Campaigns Aren’t Created Equal As the most popular form of advertising on the web, PPC means anyone can purchase a few keywords and string together some copy that features them. But an effective campaign that truly builds conversions, gets you leads and makes you money is an entirely different process. Much like the difference between a real rocket ship and a homemade paper airplane, successful PPC strategy gets you where you need to go-while a bad campaign is just a whole lot of paper. We Get You New Revenue Streams With our access to the ultimate technology platforms and emphasis on granular detail, our campaigns are extremely successful. We’ll capture the consumers you’re looking for, without squandering budgets on poorly performing keywords or lackluster ads. As the experts in pay per click strategy, we combine solid expertise with the confident management that comes from getting our clients real results. Eclipse Your Expectations By focusing on lowering your cost per acquisition while increasing total volume, we’re the PPC specialists for high level companies interested in superior strategy and execution. Our detailed analyses and individualized consulting services allow us to glean information that others miss. With extensive testing and research, flexible reporting, geotargeting and more, we’re the team you can count on to make things happen.
Slide 5 - For more information please visit our website http://www.emarketingsolutions.com