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Intelligent Robotic Sensor Agents for Environment Monitoring PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Aug 07, 2014

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  • Slide 1 - Intelligent Robotic Sensor Agents for Environment Monitoring Presented by: Yousuf Ajmerwala Intelligent Environments Copyright 2003 © CSE - UT Arlington.
  • Slide 2 - Overview What is an Intelligent Robotic Sensor ? Intelligent Sensor System Applications in an Intelligent Environments
  • Slide 3 - Definition in context of an Intelligent Environment Robotic Intelligent Sensor Agent: Capable of storing data Capable of processing data Capable of motion Acting on the environment to improve the experience of its users
  • Slide 4 - System Architecture Provide task directed information gathering Model based multi sensor fusion Agent based resource management framework Redundant multi carrier communication systems
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  • Slide 6 - System Architecture Intelligent task directed information gathering Selective environment perception Focus on parameters important for a task Avoid irrelevant data Efficient use of each sensor
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  • Slide 10 - System Architecture Model based multi sensor fusion System that has sensors covering all aspects of the geometric environment perception process: far away, near to, touching, and manipulation This model will provide modularity, plug-n-play and transparency for sensor fusion and knowledge extraction
  • Slide 11 - System Architecture Multi Sensor Fusion Framework Organize data collection from different types of sensors Produce local and global world models Continuously update world models By integrating heterogeneous sensor data into a composite model of 3D object shape, surface and material properties, such as texture, elasticity, heat transfer characteristics, radiation, and contact forces
  • Slide 12 - System Architecture Agent based resource management framework Division of a task into sub tasks Scheduling of the sub tasks Each sub task assigned to a specialized R-ISA
  • Slide 13 - System Architecture MPLS – Multiple Protocol Label Switching Integration of Layer 2(ATM) and Layer 3 (IP) Any selection of Layer 2 technologies and Layer 3 protocols to provide a certain quality of service MPLS – convenient for time sensitive sensors
  • Slide 14 - Development & Evolution R-ISA’s should be able to cannibalize/ recycle other agents Modular Reconfigurable structures E.g., recycle dead agents Energy reserves Spare parts E.g., repair wounded/dead agents Reincarnation of a new agent Status advertising mechanism E.g., discover agent functionalities E.g., monitor health of other agents
  • Slide 15 - Development & Evolution Cooperating Agents Able to work together with both Mobile & Static agents to achieve a specific goal E.g., two R-ISA’s could assume best relative positions to take the stereo image of an environment E.g., one R-ISA could illuminate the subject so the other could take the image
  • Slide 16 - Development & Evolution Evolutionary Mechanism Allow transfer of learning and behavioral genes (Knowledge Base) obtained via experience from one R-ISA to another R-ISA.
  • Slide 17 - Relevance to Intelligent Environments Monitor environment parameters to maintain a natural living environment
  • Slide 18 - Conclusion Even though the field of robotics has advanced, there is work to be done to address the communication needs of the agent Communication protocols Developing communication grammer
  • Slide 19 - References Wireless Intelligent Sensor Network for Environment Monitoring Petriu, Patry,Whalen, Daher, Groza. Intelligent Robotic Sensor Agents for Environment Monitoring
  • Slide 20 - Q & A ??
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