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Available HIV-AIDS Awareness & Prevention powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by honey an active user in belonging ppt presentation Health & Wellness category.

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HIV-AIDS Awareness & Prevention

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HIV-AIDS Awareness & Prevention PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available HIV-AIDS Awareness & Prevention powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploade... Read More

Tags : HIV-AIDS Awareness & Prevention

Published on : Mar 14, 2014
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Slide 1 - Chapter 30 African American College Age Women Group 8 By: Filiz Erenguc Leyla Goldsmith Shameka Showers Katie Wallace HIV/AIDS Prevenetion & Awareness
Slide 2 - HIV/AIDS What do HIV/AIDS stand for? H.I.V.- Human Immunodeficiency Virus A.I.D.S.- Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome This virus attacks the T-cells, disabling them from fighting off diseases and viruses Difference between HIV/AIDS is that:
Slide 3 - Difference Between HIV & AIDS The difference between HIV and AIDS is that: HIV is the virus that causes AIDS HIV may or may not have symptoms AIDS is symptomatic AIDS is the condition of lowered immunity caused by the virus
Slide 4 - Facts and Statistics African American Females are at higher risk 72% more likely to get HIV/AIDS
Slide 5 - Facts and Statistics Contd. Leading cause heterosexual contact Next leading cause IV drug use Rising prevalence of men on “down-low” Leading cause for men: homosexual – heterosexual – IV drug use
Slide 6 - Facts and Statistics Contd. Account 50% of new HIV/AIDS cases in U.S. African Am. 10 times the rate for whites and almost 3 times the rate for Hispanics. African American women were 25 times the rate for white women. Of the 90 infants reported as having HIV/ AIDS, 62 were African American
Slide 7 - Facts and Myths African American women are at higher risk ~ Fact Only homosexual people get it ~ Myth You can’t get AIDS if on birth control~ Myth Abstinence is the only 100% effective method~ Fact There is a treatment for HIV/AIDS~ Myth
Slide 8 - Modes of Transmission Risky Sexual Behaviors Unprotected vaginal intercourse Unprotected anal intercourse Unprotected oral intercourse Unprotected intercourse with multiple partners
Slide 9 - Vaginal Intercourse Vaginal/Penile secretions Cuts or soars on either the penis or in/around the vagina Not only susceptible to HIV/AIDS, but other STI’s
Slide 10 - Anal Intercourse May cause tearing and exposure to blood Seminal fluid Men on “down-low”
Slide 11 - Oral Intercourse Cuts and Soars in mouth Seminal/Vaginal Fluids
Slide 12 - Unprotected intercourse with multiple partners More chances of transmission If using protection with everyone Conducting intercourse with one unprotected is like having intercourse with everyone
Slide 13 - Modes of Transmission Contd. IV drug use Blood transfusion Transfer through saliva Enters through any cut,wounds, or other open abrasion of skin
Slide 14 - Prevention Abstinence Only 100% effective with ALL STI’s Everyone has the right to abstain
Slide 15 - Barrier Methods Correct condom use i.e. activity Male/Female Are only 97% effective
Slide 16 - Condom Commercial
Slide 17 - Barrier Methods Cont. Dental Dams Cervical caps Diaphragms
Slide 18 - Monogamy < partners = safer sex Trust/Honesty Knowledge about sexual history Still get checked once a year, regardless of monogamy or not
Slide 19 - Living with HIV Neonatal transmission Vaginal transmission to baby ~ cesarean Breast milk
Slide 20 - Healthy Sexual Relationships Normal life is a possibility Safe sexual behaviors Responsible decisions Staying informed
Slide 21 - Treatment Antiretroviral drugs
Slide 22 - Review HIV= Human Immunodeficiency Virus AIDS= Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome African American women are at the highest risk of contracting HIV/AIDS Rising number of men on “down-low” Leading cause for women: heterosexual
Slide 23 - Review Only 100% effective method is ABSTINENCE Contraceptives don’t protect against HIV/AIDS Barrier methods are the next best There are drugs to suppress the virus(antiretroviral) Safe sexual behaviors can prevent the spread(barrier methods)
Slide 24 - References Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2005). Division of HIV AIDS Prevention Fact Sheet. Retrieved May 25, 2005, from (2005). What is AIDS?. Retrieved May 25, 2005, from
Slide 25 - References World Health Organization. (2005). Women and HIV/AIDS. Retrieved May 25, 2005, from Merki, M.B, & Merki, D. (1999). HIV and AIDS. In. I. Glencoe Health (pp. 656-673). California: McGraw-Hill.  Planned Parenthood. (2005). Barrier Methods. Retrieved May 25, 2005, from