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HIS BRAIN HER BRAIN PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Mar 14, 2014

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  • Slide 1 - HIS BRAIN/ HER BRAIN Why It Took Moses Forty Years To Find His Way Out Of The Desert
  • Slide 2 - THE BRAIN Reptilian Mammalian Homo Sapien Corpus Collosum Wired For Survival Unchanged 50,000 Yrs
  • Slide 3 - DEVELOPMENT Basic Template Female Affected By Chromosomes XX Girl XY Boy Hormonal Wash 6-8 Week Brain Genitals Brain Orientation
  • Slide 4 - HIS Hunter Long Range Directional Skills Spatial Sense Single Task (Charles Emerson Winchester) Procreation Things Pain And Empathy
  • Slide 5 - HERS Nest Protector Communal More Finely Tuned Sensory Skills Multi-Tasker Non-Verbal Communicator People Can Process Input Faster, Integrate
  • Slide 6 - BRAIN 2 MEN Resting Brain 30% Active Logic Left Brain Dominant (Except Spatial Area) When Speak, Only One Site Active WOMEN Resting 90% Active Emotive Multi-Hemisphere, Corpus Collossum Speech And Hearing Centers Active
  • Slide 7 - SPEECH MEN Left Brain Frontal 8000 Signals Direct, Literal More Stutterers Use To Compete Emotionless Listening Don’t Feel Need To Express Pleasure In Words WOMEN Multiple Sites, Bilat 20,000 Signals Indirect Language, Negotiating, Emotive More Facile, Integrated Use As Reward, As Bond 6 Listening Postures Talks And Talks
  • Slide 8 - SPEECH 2 60-80% Non-Verbal Signals 20-30% Voice Sounds 7-10% Words Men Only Hear The Words Women Hear And Use 6 Tones Men Hear And Use 4 Tones Silence Is Not Punishment
  • Slide 9 - LYING Women Lie To Make Others Feel Better Men Lie To Make Selves Look Good Men Don’t Lie More, They Just Keep Getting Caught Most Common Lie Self-Deception The Closer A Person Is In Relationship, Harder To Lie
  • Slide 10 - SOCIAL MEN Goal Oriented Lone Hunter Problem Solver Talks Achievement Defines Self By Achievements WOMEN Community Builder Communal Problem Sharer Talks Relationships Defines Self By Relationships
  • Slide 11 - PROBLEM SOLVING MEN Linear Compartmentalize Emotion Divorced Solitary Gives Space Wants Answers Help Means He Failed WOMEN Cluster Churns Til Solved Emotion Involved Communal Wants A Hug Wants Support Wants To Help
  • Slide 12 - SIGHT MEN Tunnel Vision, Great Distances Can See Zebras On The Horizon Better Spatial Vision Color Cones X-attached (What The Hell Is Mauve?) WOMEN Greater Peripheral-up To 180° Can Find The Butter In The Fridge Better Night Vision Rarely Get Caught Ogling Men
  • Slide 13 - OTHER SENSES SMELL Women Can Smell Whether A Man Has Healthy Immune System Within 3 Sec. Most Sensitive At Ovulation HEARING Women’s Hearing On At All Times Men Find Sound Direction Better TOUCH Women 10X As Sensitive Touch Releases Oxytocin “Cuddle Hormone” Men Grope, Women Caress
  • Slide 14 - ATTRACTION MAN Athletic Body Sensitive Mouth Full Breast 70% Waist-Hip Ratio Round Butt Attractive Eyes Flat Belly Blonde 12-14 Yr Old Meat On The Bone WOMEN Athletic Shape Broad Shoulders, Chest Full Hair Sensual Mouth Kind Eyes Strong Nose And Chin Narrow Hips Credit Cards
  • Slide 15 - SEX MEN Larger Hypothalamus Orgasm 2 ½ Minutes Need To Spread Seed Relieve Tension Really Can Mean Nothing Visual Stimulation (Lights On)(Playboy Handy) Talk Dirty Before Sex WOMEN Larger Amygdala Orgasm 13-30 Minutes Need Monogamy Build Tension Needs Emotional Bond Touch, Sound, (Lights Off) Talk, Listen, Smell, Touch…
  • Slide 16 - LOVE and SCIENCE Each Stage Has Chemical Release, Specific Brain Activity LUST - Physical, Non-Verbal Attraction INFATUATION - Attempt To Form Bond With Potential Partner: Associated With Elation ATTACHMENT - Build Cooperative Bond To Raise Child
  • Slide 17 - REFERENCE WHY MEN DON’T LISTEN AND WOMEN CAN’T READ MAPS Barbara and Allan Pease ISBN# 0-7679-0763-9 WHY MEN DON’T HAVE A CLUE AND WOMEN ALWAYS NEED MORE SHOES Barbara and Allan Pease #ISBN 0-7679-1610-7
  • Slide 18 - QUESTIONS?
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