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Available Germany, Switzerland and Austria powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by honey an active user in belonging ppt presentation Travel & Tourism category.

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Germany | Switzerland and Austria

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Germany, Switzerland and Austria PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available Germany, Switzerland and Austria powerpoint presentation for free download which is upload... Read More

Tags : Germany | Switzerland and Austria

Published on : Feb 11, 2014
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Slide 1 - Germany
Slide 2 - Objectives I can identify the key physical features of Germany. (7.3.spi.10) I can examine Germany’s history (key events and people) and identify its form of government. (7.4.1) I can identify Germany’s economic contributions worldwide. (7.2.1) Directions: Make sure to make 4 sections for your notes: 1) geography, 2) History (timeline of major events), 3) key people 4) Economy (i.e. major products/exports)
Slide 3 - Focus Question What role does engines and jeans play in our lives?
Slide 4 - Germany
Slide 5 - Germany in Dark Green
Slide 6 - I. Germany It is about the size of Montana and it lies in the heart of Europe. Black Forest is known for its scenery and its wood products. Danube River is an important waterway.
Slide 7 - Black Forest
Slide 8 - Clock-making is huge in Germany especially around the Black Forest Ex: Cuckoo Clock
Slide 9 - Danube River
Slide 10 - Berlin, Germany: capital
Slide 11 - Bradenberg Gate: A symbol of Berlin and Germany
Slide 12 - I. Germany During the 1500s, a monk by the name of Martin Luther worked to reform the Catholic church. His main problem was the buying of sins to the church. He nailed the 95 Theses on Oct 31,1517 to Wittenberg Church
Slide 13 - Martin Luther
Slide 14 - Statue of Martin Luther in Berlin, Germany
Slide 15 - 95 Theses were nailed to
Slide 16 - Wittenberg Church
Slide 17 - I. Germany Western Germany has a place called Ruhr and it is an important industrial center. Production of iron ore and coal is important here. Many battles have been fought here.
Slide 18 - I. Germany Germany has superhighways called autobahns. Late 1800s, Otto von Bismarck united a group of territories into a nation-Germany.
Slide 19 - Autobahn in Germany: NO SPEED LIMIT
Slide 20 - Otto von Bismark: founder of Germany (united in 1871)
Slide 21 - Adolph Hitler: Takes power in 1933
Slide 22 - I. Germany A great horror occurred in Germany during WWII called the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler lead a slaughter of more than 6 million Jews and lead to the death of more than 10 million.
Slide 23 - Holocaust in Auschwitz May 26, 1944 (one of the Most Deadliest Concentration Camps)
Slide 24 - Empty Gas Cans used to gas those in the concentration camp in Auschwitz
Slide 25 - Berlin, Germany in ruins after WWII
Slide 26 - May 1945 End of WWII
Slide 27 - Berlin Wall
Slide 28 - I. Germany Following WWII, Germany was divided in 1961 into the East and West. East Germany became Communist. West Germany became a Democracy. 1989 Germany came together as a whole.
Slide 29 - I. Germany Today Government: Federal Republic with an elected president. (Just like the United States)., Work continues to improve the economic gap between the east and west. Population: 82.5 Million 90% live in Urban Areas
Slide 30 - Chancellor Angela Merkel (germany’s Current President)
Slide 31 - Chancellor Merkel with Presidents Bush and Obama
Slide 32 - Germany’s Economy
Slide 33 - Germany is on the cutting edge of renewable energyIt has the world’s largest wind farm and solar power capacity
Slide 34 - Germany is well-known for engineering and technology
Slide 35 - Car Companies from Germany
Slide 36 - Audi
Slide 37 - Volkswagen
Slide 38 - Mercedes-Benz
Slide 39 - BMW
Slide 40 - Key People in Germany’s Past and Present
Slide 41 - Martin Luther: Protestant Reformation
Slide 42 - Otto von Bismark
Slide 43 - Hitler
Slide 44 - Levi Strauss
Slide 45 - Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel
Slide 46 - Ludwig van Beethoven: Germany
Slide 47 - Johann Sebastian Bach
Slide 48 - Albert Einstein
Slide 49 - Atomic Bomb Invented by Einstein
Slide 50 - Heidi Klum
Slide 51 - Dirk Nowitzki
Slide 52 - Put the following items in the correct chronological order Hitler gains power Luther begins Protestantism Berlin Wall Falls Bismarck unites Germany Germany divided
Slide 53 - H.O. Questions What choice would you have made if you were a Jew that had heard of the awful concentration camps? Do you agree with the actions of Adolph Hitler? What is your opinion of him?
Slide 54 - STOP! Hasta La Vista, Baby! Turn in Timeline place Germany notes in your binder. DO NOT GO ON!!!! Click
Slide 55 - II.Switzerland
Slide 56 - Objectives I can describe the physical features of Switzerland and Austria. (7.3.spi.9 & 7.3.spi. 10) I can identify key economic products of Switzerland and Austria. (7.2.spi.1) I can summarize the cultures of Switzerland and Austria. (7.1.spi.1) Directions: On your paper, make a T chart. One column should say Switzerland, the other Austria.
Slide 57 - Focus question In what way, does Arnold and Hitler relate?
Slide 58 - Arnold
Slide 59 - Hitler
Slide 60 - Switzerland in Green
Slide 61 - Federal Palace in BernBern is the capital of Switzerland
Slide 62 - II.Switzerland The Alps form most of the landscape of Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein. These countries are called Alpine countries. Switzerland remains neutral in wars.
Slide 63 - Danube River
Slide 64 - II. Switzerland The Alps divides Western and Eastern Europe through Switzerland. Most of the jobs in industries and farms are located in the plateau (Mittelland) between Jura and Alps
Slide 65 - II. Switzerland It has few natural resources ,yet it is a thriving industrial nation. It has many ethnic groups and religions.
Slide 66 - II. Switzerland Four national languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansch. Most speak German, and many speak more than one language. Government: federal republic.
Slide 67 - Zurich, Switzerland
Slide 68 - Wintertime view of Sent
Slide 69 - View of the Mountains
Slide 70 - Swiss Cheese: Exports 50,000 tons yearly
Slide 71 - Swiss Chocolate
Slide 72 - Swiss Army Knifes
Slide 73 - ppt slide no 73 content not found
Slide 74 - ppt slide no 74 content not found
Slide 75 - ppt slide no 75 content not found
Slide 76 - ppt slide no 76 content not found
Slide 77 - Breitling Watch Company
Slide 78 - International Red Cross: Headquarters is located in Switzerland
Slide 79 - Folkloric Dance
Slide 80 - Roger Federer
Slide 81 - Actress Rene Zellweger’s Father is Swiss
Slide 82 - III. Austria
Slide 83 - Austria’s Location in Orange
Slide 84 - Austria’s Flag
Slide 85 - Vienna, Austria Capital of Austria
Slide 86 - III. Austria It is one of Europe’s largest countries. Austrian Empire ruled central Europe from late 1200s to the early 1900s. Alps cover 3/4 of land area in Austria. Very mountainous
Slide 87 - III. Austria The mountains in Austria provide valuable timber and hydroelectric power. Minerals: iron ore, timber, and coal Attract millions of tourist each year to enjoy hiking & skiing
Slide 88 - Danube River in Austria
Slide 89 - III. Austria Most of the people live in cities and towns Jobs: manufacturing or service industries 90 % follow the religion of Roman Catholic; Vienna is the capital and largest city.
Slide 90 - Hitler was from Austria
Slide 91 - Vienna’s Opera House
Slide 92 - UN Building in Austria
Slide 93 - Vienna, Austria Parliament Building
Slide 94 - Hermesvilla
Slide 95 - Rathaus
Slide 96 - Wolfgang Puck
Slide 97 - Franz Ferdinand: Assassination Started WWI
Slide 98 - Home to Arnold
Slide 99 - Johann Strauss: Austria
Slide 100 - Wolfgang Mozart: Austria
Slide 101 - Focus question How does Arnold and Hitler relate?
Slide 102 - Answer Both relate to one of the countries in this lesson. Arnold=Austria Hitler= Germany but he is from Austria too
Slide 103 - Homework: Complete guided reading 12.2 “Europe’s Heartland” Clink