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Available From the Ramayana powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by steve an active user in belonging ppt presentation Education & Training category.

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From the Ramayana

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From the Ramayana PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available From the Ramayana powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by steve an... Read More

Tags : From the Ramayana

Published on : Jul 26, 2014
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Slide 1 - From the Ramayana Written by: Valmiki Retold by: R.K. Narayan
Slide 2 - Before Reading The Ramayana is India’s second greatest epic. Most of what we know of Valmiki, the author, comes from the epic.
Slide 3 - Valmiki was India’s first poet and he was inspired by nature. Ramayana is the basis for many other pieces of literature originating from India.
Slide 4 - Guide for living Ramayana is a guide for living in India and men strive to be like Rama. Women are urged to be like Rama’s wife Sita. To be loyal and respectful to their men.
Slide 5 - Story of Rama Rama has blue skin and is the son of King Dasaratha, the ruler of Kosala. Rama wins the hand of Princess Sita by bending and stringing a bow. No other man can string it. Rama’s step mother exiles him because she wants her own son to be a king. Sita and Rama’s brother, Lukshmana, go with Rama when he is exiled to the forest for 14 years.
Slide 6 - Lakshmana cuts off the ears and nose of a female demon in the forest. The demon’s brother is Ravana. Ravana has ten heads and twenty arms. Ravana is angry and kidnaps Sita for revenge.
Slide 7 - Monkeys vs. Demons Rama searches everywhere for Sita. He makes alliances with Sugreeva and Hanuman, the monkey king and general. General Hanuman goes to Ravana’s palace on the island of Lanka and finds Sita being held captive.
Slide 8 - After telling Rama of Sita’s location, Rama and the monkeys go to Lanka and begin the battle to get Sita back.
Slide 9 - Rama and Ravana in Battle Ravana’s commanders are being defeated one by one. He can not stand to sit by and watch his army lose. He goes to his chamber and prepares himself for battle. Ravana wins the favor of the Hindu God Shiva by performing special prayers.
Slide 10 - The gods realize that Rama needs a lot of help. They send for the warrior god Indra, the lord of rain and thunder, to help Rama. Indra sends a special chariot to Rama.
Slide 11 - Ravana is in a rage and he demands his men to keep on fighting. Rama is very calm and is kind and gentle with his men. Ravana has a giant with him, Mahodara. Rama easily kills Mahodara and this angers Ravana.
Slide 12 - Ominous signs are there to warn Ravana of a bad ending. Bows snap, the mountains shake, and the thunders rumble. Despite the signs, Ravana charges at Rama.
Slide 13 - Ravana shoots arrows at Rama but Rama’s arrows neutralize and shatter them. Ravana shoots ten times the amount of arrows, but Rama still stands unharmed.
Slide 14 - Ravana sends many arrows, some pierce the horses and the charioteer. They all fall to the ground. Rama remains on his chariot and continues on his pursuit. The divine eagle Garuda appears on Ramas chariot. The gods see this this as a good sign.
Slide 15 - The two men circle the earth several times on their chariots. They return fighting in Lanka above Ravana’s palace. Rama’s arrows hit Ravana but they do not injure him. Ravana starts to use supernatural forces in his weapons.
Slide 16 - Ravana uses a weapon called, “Maya” Maya is a weapon that causes illusions and confusion among the enemy. These illusions make Rama think that all Ravana’s men are being revived.
Slide 17 - Rama decides to use “Gnana” which gives him wisdom. Rama and Ravana shoot several different supernatural weapons during the battle. Chinese Wisdom Character
Slide 18 - The Defeat Rama sends “Brahmasthra”, a weapon that works when all else fails. Rama aims for Ravana’s heart and it ends his life instantly. Ravana’s body falls to the ground.
Slide 19 - Rama and the Brother Rama approaches Ravana’s body and speaks with Ravana’s brother. The brother says that it is a great achievement to kill Ravana.
Slide 20 - The End Rama tells Ravana’s brother to make funeral arrangements and to have rightuals for Ravana can go to heaven.
Slide 21 - Ramayana Rama is the ideal man for India and shows that they value calm minded people and they do not like hot headed people.