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Foundry Certified Cadence Cadence Design Systems PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Jun 04, 2015

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  • Slide 1 - Foundry Certified Cadence DFM Turnkey Service Signoff Seminar November 2013 Rudy Mason- Senior Staff Application Engineer – VCAD
  • Slide 2 - Litho Process Check (LPC) is required for TSMC 28nm process nodes and below and is recommended at larger process nodes Chemical Mechanical Polishing check (VCMP) is recommended for TSMC 45nm, 40nm and 28nm process nodes Cadence DFM Service is customized to the customer’s needs and scheduled to provide fastest turn-around for LPC or VCMP checks. Analysis can be performed on Early design data Close to tapeout design data Final tapeout data Background
  • Slide 3 - Litho process check (LPC) Problem: Some DRC-clean layouts do not print on silicon Solution: Must-have litho hotspot detection and fixing of design with foundry-certified tools TSMC certified tool: Litho Physical Analyzer Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP) Problem: Copper erodes during CMP step and leads to yield loss and reliability issues Solution: Must-have CMP hotspot detection and fixing using foundry-certified tools TSMC certified tool: Cadence CMP Predictor DFM Introduction DRC clean is not sufficient Litho Foundries demand that new DFM verification standards are met by the customer prior to agreeing to manufacture
  • Slide 4 - Cadence will analyze customer’s GDSII database with production proven Litho Physical Analyzer (LPA) software to ensure layout meets TSMC’s DFM requirements for Lithography Process Check Customer data must be DRC clean Cadence LPA is qualified by TSMC to simulate the actual resist shapes created at each photo step on all critical mask layers LPA is TSMC's golden engine for 40nm and 28nm LPA has been the first to qualify at TSMC 65-28nm nodes, LPA is used in the TSMC ISF flows Hotspots identified by LPA like pinch and bridge patterns may pass DRCs, but are known to pose yield issues that can be avoided Cadence LPC Service (Litho Process Check)
  • Slide 5 - Cadence will analyze customer’s GDSII data base with production proven Cadence CMP Predictor (CCP) software to ensure layout meets all TSMC’s DFM requirements for VCMP check. CCP simulates the interconnect copper thickness over customer’s layout. Cadence CMP Predictor tool is qualified by TSMC and uses the latest available DDKs (DFM Data Kits) and engines to simulate TSMC’s CMP process Hotspot locations that will not meet required thickness control specifications are detected and fed back to the customer to improve the layout Cadence CMP Service
  • Slide 6 - Sign-off analysis compliance: ensures compliance to TSMC DFM checking mandate Lowest total cost of ownership: No investment in software tools, multi-CPU infrastructure and learning of new tools Efficient access: provides priority turnkey access to TSMC Golden DFM analysis both prior to and at tape-out Reduced schedule risk: allows the customer to verify DFM compliance early with an Initial Top Level GDSII run Optimal time-to-results: harnesses 50-100 dedicated CPUs/run in our server farm for fast turn-around time Security: leverages a highly reliable and state-of-the-art IT and security infrastructure which ensures protection from unauthorized access. Leverage Cadence expertise: leverages team with many man years of experience and combined resources of Cadence Design Services and R&D Low risk learning experience: provides a learning experience for designers to understand DFM while designing with advanced process nodes Automated repair: Output report enables automated fixing of LPC hotspots in Cadence Encounter or Virtuoso implementation flows Benefits of Cadence DFM Services
  • Slide 7 - Customer provides Initial Top Level GDSII database Cadence performs LPA analysis to meet TSMC’s LPC requirements Deliverables LPC Output: Hotspot locations and level of severity reported after each run with guidelines for modifying layout to remove the highest priority yield detractors. Output files enable auto fixing with Cadence Encounter or Virtuoso implementation flows Comprehensive report file for the foundry Consultation as needed to fix the yield detractors The Updated Top Level GDSII database with “fixes” will be run again to confirm LPC DFM compliance LPC Service Solution
  • Slide 8 - Customer provides Initial Top Level GDSII database Cadence performs CMP analysis to meet TSMC CMP requirements Deliverables CMP Output: Metal density distribution (heat map) and histogram chart Metal thickness distribution (heat map) and histogram chart Hotspot locations with type of errors Consultation as needed to fix the yield detractors The Updated Top Level GDSII database with “fixes” will be run again to confirm CMP DFM compliance CMP Service Solution
  • Slide 9 - Customer provides GDSII/OASIS input for each DFM Analysis FTP compressed, encrypted GDSII/OASIS to a secure Cadence drop-box (Data should be DRC clean with respective log information) Identification of all technology information, process options, and CAD layers should be included Required GDSII layers LPC: OD, PO, CO, M1, VIAx and all Mx CMP: M1, all Mx, My, Mz, Mr Customer Provided Data
  • Slide 10 - Cadence will not add dummy metal for the CMP DFM service. Dummy metal must be included by customer. Memory blocks will be masked in LPA analysis (as their proximity correction algorithms are different from those calibrated in the TSMC DDK files used for LPA) Working Assumptions
  • Slide 11 - Function of process node, die size Example Pricing and Schedule
  • Slide 12 - Cadence’s provides end-to-end TSMC certified DFM sign-off analysis which ensures compliance to TSMC’s DFM recommendation Over 75 DFM runs completed so far Offers a secure and risk-free alternative to in-house DFM signoff and complements efficiently in-Design DFM Analysis Cadence provides expertise leveraging TSMC certified tools, methodologies, processes and use models to provide the fastest turnaround time Can be combined with In-Design tool solution for block screening Summary
  • Slide 13 - Customer fills out and returns Cadence DFM Questionnaire Cadence presents proposal to Customer After agreement on Proposal, generate and approve SOW Next Steps
  • Slide 14 - Cadence Confidential 14 The purpose of this document is to assist common understanding of project requirements and provide information in support of the budgeting process. This document does NOT constitute a contract offer to render services. Estimates of price and schedule presented here are based upon our current understanding of the project scope and may need to be revised prior to agreement of a formal Statement of Work. The information contained in this presentation is confidential to Cadence and may not be shared or disclosed without Cadence’s written consent. Future Statements of Work and project schedules are contingent upon obtaining all US and Foreign export licenses as may be required based on the technology, end-user or end-use of the product.
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