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Event Planning with the matrix PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Jan 08, 2015

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  • Slide 1 - Event Planning with the matrix Adapted from http://studentactivities.tamu.edu/risk/RM_Matrix.htm and used with the permission of Texas A & M University, Department of Student Activities.
  • Slide 2 - Step One List All Event Activities Representatives from organization traveling to a regional conference in Branson, Missouri 25 students going Advisor unable to attend Group leaving on Thursday Conference begins Thursday evening Conference runs through Sunday afternoon Group returning Sunday night Activities include all aspects of your event
  • Slide 3 - Step Two Identify the Risks Associated with each Activity Road hazards affiliated with travel in general, i.e. flat tire, mechanical trouble, getting lost Road hazards affiliated with weather, winter travel, icy roads, snow Drivers not experienced with driving in winter travel conditions Drivers not experienced with driving vans Approximate travel time is 6 hours, potential risk of drowsy driver Multiple vehicles traveling, getting separated Members who consume alcohol on or before trip 25 students traveling unsupervised, possible activity that may be hazing related Some examples of things to consider: External- Weather, criminal acts Specific to Organization- Contact sports, weapons, climbing Common Risks- Traveling, crowd control, alcohol, and hazing
  • Slide 4 - Step THREE Use the Matrix to Assess your Activities, without Using any Methods to Manage your Risks Ooops…. Wrong Matrix
  • Slide 5 - The Matrix… Probability that something will go wrong SEVERITY
  • Slide 6 - Seriousness of Risk I May result in death II May cause severe injury, major property damage, significant financial loss, and/or result in negative publicity for the organization and/or institution III May cause minor injury, illness, property damage, financial loss and/or could result in negative publicity for the organization and/or institution IV Hazard presents a minimal threat to safety, health and well-being of participants Look at your activities and try to assess if any of the following might result. Remember, for the purpose of this activity, you are traveling, and there is a possibility that your trip could result in death.
  • Slide 7 - Probability that something will go wrong A Likely to occur immediately or in a short period of time, expected to occur frequently B Probably will occur in time C May occur in time D Unlikely to occur Traveling could result in death and if people are making bad choices (driving with no sleep, etc.) the likelihood of your trip resulting in death increases significantly.
  • Slide 8 - Let’s apply your trip to the matrix Determine your initial score by finding the intersection with the highest score. The lower the score, the lower your risk. 4
  • Slide 9 - 4 In its current form, this would probably be a high risk activity…
  • Slide 10 - Does this mean you can’t go?
  • Slide 11 - Not at all, it simply means that we need to re-evaluate our decision to go and determine if there are ways that we can better manage our risks.
  • Slide 12 - Things to think about? How will this activity benefit our organization? Our University? How does this activity fit with the mission/values of our organization? Of the University? Are there ways that we can still engage in this activity and reduce the risk associated with the activity? Can we consult other resources (other student groups, advisors, Center for Student Involvement, etc.) for assistance?
  • Slide 13 - Step FOUR Brainstorm Methods to Manage Risks, See if you can Reduce the Probability that Something will go Wrong Take an advisor along Carry communication devices, walkie talkies or cell phones for on-road communication (make sure power source and range of use adequate) Go over travel route with all traveling to assure know the way Develop and write down a plan for what will happen if separated, (i.e. pull into nearest rest stop, convenience store, gas station, NOT OFF ONTO SHOULDER) Check weather forecast as expected road conditions with highway patrol or via web based weather info source More than one driver per vehicle available and registered to drive
  • Slide 14 - Step FOUR Brainstorm Methods to Manage Risks, See if you can Reduce the Probability that Something will go Wrong Verify that drivers have experience driving the type of vehicle they will be using Make sure there are enough seat belts for all traveling and establish expectations that they will be used Verify drivers have experience driving in winter weather, i.e. on icy roads Plan itinerary so that time is allowed for frequent stops, or overnight stay, avoid early morning departure or late night driving (Make sure drivers are well-rested) Establish no alcohol policy Explore the possibility of hiring a driver or flying
  • Slide 15 - Step FIVE Go back to the …
  • Slide 16 - Hopefully, you can lower your score Determine your final score, by applying your event to the matrix, with the strategies in place to reduce your risks. 3
  • Slide 17 - Step SIx When all is said and done, ultimately you are going to have to decide if your event is worth the risk. Don’t forget to reflect on your mission and values, as well as the mission and values of the University.
  • Slide 18 - resources Center for Student Involvement x4222 http://studentinvolvement.truman.edu/ Office of Citizenship and Community Standards x4111 http://conduct.truman.edu/ Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Leadership Development and Student Activities x4111 http://saffairs.truman.edu/ Greek Life x7205 http://greeklife.truman.edu/ Department of Public Safety x4176 http://police.truman.edu/

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