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PowerPoint presentation on EVENT PLANNING FOR CAMPUS EMS, download now ppt of EVENT PLANNING FOR CAMPUS EMS

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Description : PowerPoint presentation on EVENT PLANNING FOR CAMPUS EMS, download now ppt of EVENT PLANNING FOR CAM... Read More


Published on : Jan 08, 2015
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Slide 1 - EVENT PLANNING FOR CAMPUS EMS Mark Milliron, M.S. M.P.A. Penn State University National Collegiate EMS Foundation Conference February 21-23, 2003
Slide 2 - OBJECTIVES Understand your campus needs, risks, resources; Planning for different types of events; Customer service; Collaboration.
Slide 3 - Campus Risk Assessment Conduct a campus risk assessment
Slide 4 - Risk Questions What is the nature of the event? How many spectators and participants will attend? What historical information do you have regarding this event or events of this type? What type of spectators are likely to attend this event and do they have any unusual characteristics that may increase the risk of illness or injury? What are the characteristics of the participants of this event?
Slide 5 - Risk Questions Are there any extremes of temperature or humidity that could affect people attending the event? What time of day or night is the event, and how will this affect risk and available resources? What is the duration of the event? What is the location of the event and what impact will it have?
Slide 6 - Risk Questions What facilities are available at or near the site of the event to be used as a place to treat potential patients? If on-site facilities are needed, do these facilities have adequate temperature control, lighting, and other utilities? What type of communication will be needed by the staff working the event to communicate between themselves, to other health and safety personnel, and to the event participants if required?
Slide 7 - Risk Questions Do any of the characteristics of the event indicate that the normal EMS system will not be able to respond to the potential volume of patients, or will be restricted in their access to a patient at the event? What staff and equipment are available or needed at the event? What is the turnaround time for emergency units transporting patients from the event to the hospital, and back to the event site?
Slide 8 - Resources Policies, regulations Available personnel Qualifications of personnel – BLS, ALS Facilities Communications Equipment Transport Mutual aid
Slide 9 - Policies & Regulations School: Regional/State: CT, IO, NY, OR, PA, WI Jaslow, D, et. al. Characteristics of state legislation governing medical care at mass gatherings. Prehospital Emergency Care. 1999;4:316-320. Legal Issues
Slide 10 - Personnel
Slide 11 - Visibility
Slide 12 - Qualifications
Slide 13 - Facilities
Slide 14 - Community Resources
Slide 15 - Lots of Resources!
Slide 16 - MCI Preparations
Slide 17 - Communications
Slide 18 - More communications
Slide 19 - Command
Slide 20 - Event dispatch
Slide 21 - Stadium dispatch
Slide 22 - Equipment
Slide 23 - Bike equipment
Slide 24 - Personal Equipment Personal Safety!
Slide 25 - More equipment
Slide 26 - Transportation
Slide 27 - Ambulance
Slide 28 - Cart
Slide 29 - Gator
Slide 30 - Helocopter
Slide 31 - Mutual Aid Transport services Police/Security Events Staff Athletic Trainers Others?
Slide 32 - Documentation
Slide 33 - Events – Risks, resources?
Slide 34 - Athletic - participants
Slide 35 - Athletic – spectator
Slide 36 - Athletic – special situations
Slide 37 - Athletic Venues
Slide 38 - Tailgates
Slide 39 - Practice
Slide 40 - Concerts
Slide 41 - Festivals
Slide 42 - Outdoor
Slide 43 - Banquets
Slide 44 - Indoor
Slide 45 - Special Situations
Slide 46 - Special Situations
Slide 47 - Special Situations
Slide 48 - Collaboration
Slide 49 - Collaboration Intercollegiate Athletics Police/Security Event Planners/Staff Concert Promoters Ushers Medical Facilities Other support services
Slide 50 - Customer Service Who are your customers?
Slide 51 - Summary Special events EMS is different from regular EMS operations. Special events EMS is the same as regular EMS operations.
Slide 52 -