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Effects of the Bubonic Plague PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Mar 14, 2014

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  • Slide 1 - Effects of the Bubonic Plague
  • Slide 2 - Facts Bubonic Plague/Black Death No cure at the time, lumps on glands, black spots all over body 1/3 of population dead!!! Mass graves, bodies burned, whole towns disappeared 1347-1353 Fleas carried by rats that bit people from central Asia to Europe
  • Slide 3 - Political Effects Feudalism declines Landowners lose control over the peasants New political systems rise We see the beginnings of monarchies Political power grows more centralized
  • Slide 4 - Economic Effects Economies plunged Trade was disrupted No people to work Those who survived could demand higher wages If those wages were denied, the peasants revolted
  • Slide 5 - Social Effects Population loss Europe lost 1/3 of its population 35 million Chinese died At it’s peak, Cairo lost 7,000/day Strict levels of society fell apart Some people blamed the Jews Thousands were murdered Some people questioned their faith Turned to witchcraft
  • Slide 6 - Exit Ticket How did the plague impact the world?? Pick one area that the plague impacted: Political, Economic, or Social Draw a picture that shows the plague impacting that area. Include as many details as you can!

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