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Download Drum Brakes PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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Drum Brakes

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Drum Brakes PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Download Drum Brakes PowerPoint Presentation Slides Read More

Tags : Drum Brakes

Published on : Jun 04, 2015
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Slide 1 - Drum Brakes
Slide 2 - Two different categories of drum brakes Non-servo Servo
Slide 3 - Non-Servo On Front Wheel Drive (FWD) vehicles it is necessary to have a more ineffective brake on the rear of the car.
Slide 4 - Non-Servo
Slide 5 - Servo Action The rear shoe does most of the work Wedging action
Slide 6 - Non Servo brake lining Servo Brake lining Primary Secondary
Slide 7 - It is very important that the Primary shoe is always facing toward the front of the car
Slide 8 - The Secondary shoes always face toward the rear of the car
Slide 9 - Drum Removal Groves from the rivets wearing into the drum. The last brake job...the drums weren’t turned
Slide 10 - Drum Removal
Slide 11 - Drum Removal
Slide 12 - Things To Look For
Slide 13 - Worn Drums Scored Bell Mouthed Concaved
Slide 14 - Max. Drum size Why is this important
Slide 15 - Check the Wheel Cylinders for leaks
Slide 16 - Adjusters Check them for wear Frozen
Slide 17 - Axle Seals Inside Leak Outside Leak