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PowerPoint presentation on Divorce, download now ppt of Divorce

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Divorce PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : PowerPoint presentation on Divorce, download now ppt of Divorce Read More

Tags : Divorce

Published on : Jan 08, 2015
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Slide 1 - Divorce Carolyn R. Fallahi, Ph. D.
Slide 2 - Divorce Statistics Changes in divorce from 1960s until now. Following a divorce, 84% of children reside with their mothers. Changes in the methods in which we do research in divorce.
Slide 3 - Research in Divorce Past: assumed 2-parent family structure necessary for successful child socialization. Many early studies flawed. Many did not investigate significant mediating factors.
Slide 4 - Research in Divorce Current researchers: take a life course, risk and resilience perspective. Divorce is one step in a series of family transitions that affect family relationships & children’s adjustment.
Slide 5 - Effects of Divorce Immediately following the divorce. Symptoms most commonly seen. After the divorce….children are less socially, emotionally, and academically well adjusted than are children in non-divorced families.
Slide 6 - Problems related to divorce Adolescence – more likely to drop out of school More likely to become pregnant. More likely to engage in antisocial / delinquent behavior. More clinical problems. Young adulthood – level of achievement, quality of close personal relationships, fewer financial resources.
Slide 7 - Can anything positive come out of divorce? Girls: lots of conflict before divorce, more competent after divorce.
Slide 8 - Factors that mediate divorce Age – early studies indicated younger, better. Recent studies – no. Gender – early studies – negative adjustment for boys; remarriage problematic for girls. Recent studies: behavior problems increase in adolescence – greater risk for girls.
Slide 9 - Factors that mediate divorce Personality Intelligence Competency Easy temperament High self-esteem Internal locus of control Good sense of humor
Slide 10 - Should parents stay together for the kids? The effects of high conflict. Personality profile.
Slide 11 - What can parents do to help? Children’s adjustment = quality of parenting. Warm, supportive, communicative, responsive to needs, firm & consistent control, positive discipline, MONITOR closely.
Slide 12 - What can parents do to help? Non-custodial parent MUST be involved. Supportive Child not feel in the middle Economics coparenting
Slide 13 - Father Absence Literature Meta analysis 67 studies Stevenson & Black 60% of all marriages end in divorce 90% of all cases, mom gets custody 1/6th children see dad 1x/week 50% do not see dad at all 2/3rds have no relationship with dad 10 years post divorce
Slide 14 - Is dad necessary for a good outcome with kids? YES! The role of child support. Issues of poverty. Why aren’t dads more involved? The role of mom’s attitudes towards dad.
Slide 15 - Why isn’t dad around more? Employment Women’s attitudes Depression Workplace issues Fatherhood programs Start with our sons early on.
Slide 16 - Effects on children More aggression …. Why? More antisocial behaviors. Hetherington – before 5 years old Adelson – sex role development of boys Armsden – attachment & adolescents
Slide 17 - Effects on children Stevenson & Black – stereotypical sex-typed toys. Conceptions of masculine & feminine roles. Block – sex roles & socialization Lamb – the role of the peer group
Slide 18 - Effects on children Biller & Bahm – masculine behavior Beaty – adolescent males & peers Father absence & daughters Early sexual activity More likely to be sexually abused Early pregnancy
Slide 19 - Effects on children Newcomer & Udry – minor delinquencies Ballard et al – sexually abused; early sexual relations; multiple sex partners Daughters & “caring” dads
Slide 20 - Father absence & African American Males Paschall et al – Cernkovich & Giordano – parental control & supervision Griffin et al – parental monitoring & substance use & delinquency Paschall et al – attachment & violence Single moms