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PowerPoint presentation on Divorce Appalachian State University, download now ppt of Divorce Appalachian State University

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Divorce Appalachian State University

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Divorce Appalachian State University PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : PowerPoint presentation on Divorce Appalachian State University, download now ppt of Divorce Appalac... Read More

Tags : Divorce Appalachian State University

Published on : Jan 08, 2015
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Slide 1 - Presented By: Elizabeth Waters Laura White Beth Cundiff Liz Wosczyna Misty Emmons
Slide 2 - Topics Covered Reasons Why People Get Divorced. Consequences Of Divorce On Husband and Wife. Effects Of Divorce On Children. The Law And Divorce In North Carolina. Divorce In Other Cultures.
Slide 3 - Statistics On Divorce Over 1 million divorces occur annually in the U.S. (National Center For Health Statistics) It is becoming easier to obtain a divorce 25% of college freshmen are from divorced families
Slide 4 - Couples Most Likely to Choose Divorce Teen marriages having divorced parents non-religious couples pre-marriage cohabitation alcoholic spouse Having a seriously child physical illness depression low income
Slide 5 - More Examples Not a high school graduate second marriages veterans Lack of approval from parents/ in-laws age differences interracial marriages
Slide 6 - Reasons For Divorce Because almost 70% of women are employed, they are not dependent on their husbands and can divorce if they are unhappy. Now that people have new ways to meet emotional needs, there are fewer reasons to keep the family together.
Slide 7 - There are more liberal divorce laws. Priests and clergy are more accepting of divorce. Divorce is now more common so divorce seems normal now and there is less stigma. Happiness and individualistic values are more important than family values. Marriage is not seen as permanent from the beginning.
Slide 8 - Smaller, Less Common Reasons Less interest from spouse after marriage Couples do not know how to resolve conflict Physical or philosophical changes
Slide 9 - 20% of wives and between 15-35% of husbands have an extramarital relationship. Spouses tire of each other One spouse has an extramarital relationship
Slide 10 - Alternatives to Divorce Annulment Separation -Formal: Involves a lawyer. -Informal: Doesn’t involve a lawyer, more common. Desertion Spouse walks out and breaks off all contact with their family.
Slide 11 - Emotional & Psychological Consequences What is a Divorce? What do men and women, both, experience after divorce? How does divorce effect men? How does divorce effect women?
Slide 12 - Financial Consequences Financial Consequences for Men. Financial Consequences for Women How they compare and contrast
Slide 13 - Stages Of Loss After Divorce Stage 1: Shock and Numbness Stage 2: Denial Stage 3: Acceptance Stage 4: Renewal
Slide 14 - Behaviors Associated with Successful Divorce Meditate rather than litigate Co-parent with your ex-spouse Take some responsibility for the divorce Learn from the divorce Create positive thoughts Avoid alcohol and other drugs Relax without drugs
Slide 15 - More of the Same Engage in aerobic exercise Engage in fun activities Continue interpersonal connections Let go of the ex-partners Allow time to heal
Slide 16 - Children and Divorce Sense of loss Sense of failure in interpersonal relationships Beginning of difficult transition in new family lifestyle
Slide 17 - Initial Response A. Disturbing News B. Parents choice of conveying the news 1. Should be comforting 2. Provide clear and rational explanation.
Slide 18 - C. Overwhelming feelings of loss for the child. 1. Loss of parent 2. Interruption of daily routine 3. Disruption of the continuity of their family.
Slide 19 - Responses to Divorce A series of five steps: 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance Somatic Disturbances Wide Range of responses 1.Due to anger 2. Due to gender 3. Due to temperament
Slide 20 - Development of a Single-Parent Family: Limited time or permanent lifestyle Stressful situation Conflict Following Divorce: Conflict doesn’t end with divorce Custody and visitation
Slide 21 - Changes in Parenting Conflict is a disruption Inconsistent discipline Less affectionate Difficulty in controlling children Communication breech
Slide 22 - Conclusion Positive relationships maintained with both parents. Parents need to be there to let the child know that they are loved and offer them emotional support. Visitation and Custody
Slide 23 - The Law And Divorce In North Carolina Grounds For Divorce Under N.C. Law Grounds For Annulment Separation of Property, Custody, Visitation, and Child Support
Slide 24 - Grounds For Divorce In North Carolina 1. If and when the husband and wife have lived separate and apart for one year. 2. If, as a result of the incurable insanity of one of the marriage partners, the husband and wife have lived separate and apart for three consecutive years.
Slide 25 - GROUNDS FOR ANNULMENT What is Annulment? It is the declaration that the marriage never existed. How’s That Different from Divorce? With a divorce, the marriage still existed, but now is over.
Slide 26 - SOME GROUNDS FOR ANNULMENT IN N.C. Marriage between any two people nearer of kin than first cousins, or between double first cousins. Marriage between any person under 16 years old and another person. Marriage performed by someone not authorized to do so.
Slide 27 - If one of the partners had a spouse living at the time. If one of the partners was impotent at the time of the marriage. Marriage of partners either of whom is incapable of contracting from want of will or understanding. Pregnancy of wife by another man at the time of the marriage without knowledge of her husband.
Slide 28 - The Catholic Church 3 years The church’s marriage tribunal handles Annulments. A panel of judges reviews the case. Background info. Four witness Fee Questionnaire Info. On Annulment
Slide 29 - Most are psycho-social in nature & revolve around degrees of maturity & understanding, attitude, opinions, & beliefs. Ones similar to NC Law. Marital Consent Abide by Law Never Consummated Monastic Life Pauline Privilege Petrine Privilege Reasons:
Slide 30 - Other Stuff Division of Property: mostly equal. Custody: mostly with mother. Visitation: With Mother, With Father, or Joint. Child Support Alimony
Slide 31 - Custody % of placement of children in Custody Cases.
Slide 32 - Divorce in Other Cultures Japan: divorce in Japan rarely happens A man or woman who is divorced is known as a batsu-ichi, or one time failure. If divorced twice, called a batsu-ni, or two time failure.
Slide 33 - India Divorce rarely happens here because most marriages are arranged. This makes marriages more reliable. Women don’t have any say in whether or not they want a divorce. A man can divorce if the woman is unable to bear a son.
Slide 34 - Ancient Mesopotamia Women had far fewer privileges than men. Woman’s place was in the home & failure to fulfill expected duties where grounds for divorce.
Slide 35 - The Code Of Hammurabi If a woman was not able to bear children, her husband could divorce her, but he had to return her dowry to her family. If a woman tried to leave home to engage in business, thus neglecting her house, her husband could divorce her and didn’t have to repay her dowry.
Slide 36 - If a woman neglected her house she could not only be divorced, but could be drowned as well. If a woman was divorced without good reason, she received the dowry back. A woman could seek divorce and get her dowry back if her husband was unable to show that she had done anything wrong.
Slide 37 - Divorce and Religion Catholicism Divorce not accepted Priest has right to refuse to marry two people if they have previously been divorced. In ancient times, if someone wanted a divorce (usually the king) had to be approved by the Pope. If the Pope didn’t grant the request for a divorce and the couple obtained one anyway, their divorce was considered illegal. If a man or woman remarried after an unrecognized divorce, they were considered adulterous and could be executed.
Slide 38 - The End