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Available Diversity CHESS powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by honey an active user in belonging ppt presentation Sports & Recreation category.

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Diversity CHESS

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Diversity CHESS PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available Diversity CHESS powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by honey an ac... Read More

Tags : Diversity CHESS

Published on : Feb 10, 2014
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Slide 1 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 Diversity at CHESS:Users and Workplace Ernie FontesStaff Scientist and Assistant Director, CHESS CHESS defines diversity, adopts goals and measures performance towards those goals consistent with our NSF cooperative agreement as part of the Cornell research and campus communities.
Slide 2 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 CHESS is embedded in theCornell “Culture of Inclusiveness” Cornell's commitment has continued over time, as reflected in its many "firsts", which include: In 1872, Cornell was one of the first co-educational institutions in the East; In 1906, Cornell was the founding institution for Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, the first undergraduate African American fraternity; In 1916, Rho Psi, the first Asian fraternity in the Ivy League, was established at Cornell; In 1929, Cornell was the first university to have an interfaith department for religious affairs; In 1936, Cornell was the first university to award a Ph.D. to an African American woman (Flemmie Kittrell) The University shows continued commitment: Cornell’s governing board (64 members) has 28% women (as of 2005) Cornell’s senior leadership (41 members) consists of 39% women and 7.5% minorities (as of 2005)
Slide 3 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 CHESS-specificDiversity Policy in force CHESS’ “Diversity and Inclusion Plan” defines specific actions aimed to: Encourage and invite diversity among Cornell’s faculty members and research groups Build diversity among the staff through best practices in recruitment, hiring, and retention Expand diversity through visiting scientists, collaborators, and training students Expand the pipeline of people interested in science through outreach to communities near and far
Slide 4 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 How do enumerate“User Community”? Dilemma: Definition of “User Community” seems open to interpretation. For example: “User” is a person who signs out a radiation badge, etc., at the facility. How do we count remote data collection? How do we count collaborations and researchers who depend upon data collected by other persons? How do we count faculty who only send students to collect data? A “User” depends upon the existence of the facility for their scientific enterprise (data collection, analysis, training students, publications, etc.).
Slide 5 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 User Statistics: Look for Pipelines 14% 24%
Slide 6 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 User Statistics: UMG Pipeline? Note: self-identified users only. We miss many.
Slide 7 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 Diversity inscientific/technical workplace Scientific Staff / Ph. D. Technical Staff / Non-Ph. D.(Cornell UMG=Black, Hispanic, Nat. Am.) ** Cornell has agriculture school and bio programs with high percentage women.
Slide 8 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 Build a diverse and welcoming culture at CHESS Value HR training of management, supervisors, and staff Learn and deploy Cornell policy Rewrite accurate position descriptions (imperative for recruitment, interview process and unbiased performance reviews) Advertise positions widely, find new channels Strategize on recruitment, retention, and internal mobility Train for and conduct a fair interview process Document search strategies and successes Successes: two women technicians (3 yrs and 4.5 yrs), one now on her second maternity leave. Both are critical to lab operations. Family leave time now commonplace and accommodations are routine.
Slide 9 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 Building a diverse scientific community:Education & Outreach RET: staff mentor 2 teachers each year from Detroit REU: typically a dozen students visit each summer NY State Programs for H.S. teachers Develop Chemistry XRF program for local H.S. Develop Art History Program for graduates Organizing NYS APS/AAPT workshop 2008 Many other outreach/education examples… What are unique opportunities for CHESS? Proposed: Hispanic graduate student sponsorship Proposed: Native American undergraduate internships
Slide 10 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 Pipeline for Hispanic students Pipeline for Hispanics in science: Hispanic G-line graduate students: 2/24 Blasini credited with developing fuel-cell chemistry program at CHESS Blasini received the 2007 CHESS Thesis Prize Blasini takes job in industry(!) But… Build pipeline for Hispanic students: Héctor Abruña (CU Chemist) recruits Hispanic students from Puerto Rico CHESS support for one (or more?) Hispanic graduate student requested Seek to fill Post-Doc position with UMG Work to retain talent…
Slide 11 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 Pipeline for Native American students Pipeline for Native Americans in science: Cornell has 140 Native Am. students but almost none majoring in physical sciences. Must improve this! Work to create an XRF program to study artifacts from archaeological digs – can trace early history of Nat. Am. Settlers Build pipeline for Native American students: Kurt Jordan (CU Anthr. & Nat. Am. Studies) recruits students from Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY SUNY site with a Center for Educational Access and Achievement (CEAAS) CHESS support for one or two Nat. Am. undergraduate student requested (summer interns, term-time employ.) Work to retain talent…
Slide 12 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 Recruitment, Dissemination & Community Building “Students need to see students” - Website revamped to show diverse community participation Achievements of diverse groups must be publicized and highlighted Opportunities must be publicized and highlighted to new channels Facility publications must display commitment to diversity and participation of entire community “Pipelines” must be fostered (i.e. student symposia, poster prizes and thesis prizes at annual meetings, etc.) Publicize internships/opportunities at HBCU, Latin, women institutions
Slide 13 - E. Fontes/CHESS NSF DMR Directors Meeting – Sept 2007 Building a diverse, inclusive science lab is REAL WORK! Working against progress: Small pool of scientists and prospective employees Staff are already overworked New skills and training needed Working FOR progress: Many outstanding examples of success CHESS staff enjoy educating and educators NSF programs provide a variety of research opportunities (and technical help!)