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Dinosaurs and Fossil PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Feb 10, 2014

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  • Slide 1 - My Dinosaur and Fossil Report Triceratops by Amie www.isgs.uiuc.edu/dinos/dinos
  • Slide 2 - Characteristics Triceratops was about 30 feet long, 10 feet tall, and weighed up to 6-12 tons. It had a short, pointed tail, and a bony neck frill. It had a parrot-like beak, many cheek teeth, and powerful jaws. A Triceratops is an herbivore. This means that it eats only plants. The Triceratops probably lived is lush green valleys. Triceratops lived in the late Cretaceous period, about 72 to 65 million years ago, toward the end of the Mesozoic, the Age of Reptiles.
  • Slide 3 - Picture Gallery Here is a picture of my dinosaur
  • Slide 4 - What Fossils Tell us About Dinosaurs Fossils can tell us about the general characteristics of a Triceratops. Fossils can tell us about what a Triceratops ate. Fossils can tell us about where a Triceratops might have lived.
  • Slide 5 - General Characteristics Scientists can make guesses about the size and appearance of the Triceratops based on fossils.
  • Slide 6 - What They Eat Scientists can make guesses about what the Triceratops ate based on the size and shape of fossilized teeth found. Triceratops had toothless beaks that were used to gather their food and many flat cheek teeth which were used to chew tough, fibrous plant material.
  • Slide 7 - Where They Live Scientists can make guesses about where the Triceratops lived by looking at it’s eating habits. Scientists can also use fossilized footprints. www.ldeo.columbia.edu/~polsen/nbcp/pekintracks
  • Slide 8 - How Fossils Are Formed Fossils need 3 things to be formed: heat pressure time www.eyesoftime.com/teacher/dino.htm
  • Slide 9 - www.zoomdinosaurs.com www.eyesoftime.com/teacher/dino.htm www.ldeo.columbia.edu/~polsen/nbcp/pekintracks www.isgs.uiuc.edu/dinos/dinos Work Cited
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