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Delphi World Tour PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Feb 11, 2014

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  • Slide 1 - Leveraging In-Memory Datasets Cary Jensen Jensen Data Systems, Inc.
  • Slide 2 - Overview What makes in-memory datasets so special? A quick overview of in-memory dataset programming Leveraging in-memory datasets: Advanced Techniques: General transport and storage mechanisms * Datasets as messages Lookup caches * High-speed data servers Object-oriented data provider layers * * code samples provided
  • Slide 3 - In-Memory Dataset Features High performance Self describing Flexible Change log managing Persistable
  • Slide 4 - Programming In-Memory Datasets Please see the paper that accompanies this talk for a brief overview of basic in-memory dataset programming techniques for both ClientDataSets and .NET Datasets. For a comprehensive series of articles on programming with ClientDataSets, visit the Borland Developer Network at bdn.borland.com. Search for keywords ClientDataSet or Cary Jensen.
  • Slide 5 - Data Transport and Storage Can transport and store large amounts of data Can be used to transport and store any type of data (images, video, PDFs, and so forth) The data is self-describing and highly structured Transport or store datasets for reproducing reports and graphs Transported and stored data can be compressed/encrypted
  • Slide 6 - Implementing In-Memory Caches In-memory data provides flexible and extremely fast access Supports multiple simultaneous views of a single in-memory store Ideal for building lookup caches, even primed lookup caches Can be easily made thread-safe for highly concurrent environments Ideal for building data servers
  • Slide 7 - In-Memory Datasets as Messages Richer content than simple XML Contains a managable change log Data and change log are persistable Can be bound directly to visual controls
  • Slide 8 - Object-Oriented Data Provider Layer Provides a framework for all data access Decouples the presentation layer of your applications from the underlying data access layer Isolates the underlying structure of your physical database from the logical structure Ideal layer for implementing business rules
  • Slide 9 - ppt slide no 9 content not found
  • Slide 10 - Thank You !
  • Slide 11 - ppt slide no 11 content not found

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