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PowerPoint presentation on Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, download now ppt of Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest

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Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest

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Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : PowerPoint presentation on Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, download now ppt of Deforestation... Read More

Tags : Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest

Published on : Jan 08, 2015
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Slide 1 - 1. Objective (READ) SWBAT explain why the Amazon rainforest is disappearing. 2. Question of the Day. (TURN OBJECTIVE INTO A QUESTION) 3. Warm-up (ANSWER) 1. Explain Vertical Climate Zones in your own words. 2. Llama herding happens in which vertical climate zone? (p. 208)
Slide 2 - Latin America Warm-ups Why is the Amazon Rainforest disappearing? 1. Vertical Climate zones are different types of climate in the Andes mountains. 2. Tierra Helada is the only zone cold enough for Llamas.
Slide 3 - Table of Contents 1. Find the next available fresh page after your warm-ups, title it Deforestation.
Slide 4 - Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest
Slide 5 - 1. Intro - The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is disappearing. 2. Deforestation  the cutting down and clearing of trees and forests.
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Slide 7 - 3. Why? - Groups are cutting down the rainforest for economic reasons. 4. Effects - Brazil’s GDP has increased - They have a trade surplus – they are exporting goods from the rainforest.
Slide 8 - 4. More Effects - Native groups are threatened
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Slide 10 - ppt slide no 10 content not found
Slide 11 - 4. More Effects - Climate change worldwide increases because of rainforest destruction
Slide 12 - Rainforest Project You will be assigned to a group and provided with introductory research. Your group must create a presentation that will be given to a panel including me and student judges. The panel will decide the answer to the key question: Will Brazil conserve or economically develop the rainforest?
Slide 13 - Rubric 1. Power point – 40 points Accuracy = 30 (get yours approved)  all facts are accurate, everything required is there Appearance = 10  Picture represents most important reasons, uses color appropriately, spelling/grammar is good
Slide 14 - 2. Presentation – 30 points Accuracy – 10  all facts are accurate, able to respond to questions correctly and effectively Delivery – 10  loud enough, persuasive for judges, does not use slang/poor grammar Participation – 10  everyone is involved and has a role in the presentation
Slide 15 - 3. Audience Participation – 30 points - Accuracy and completion – 30
Slide 16 - Poster Requirements Each poster/power point must have: 1. Slide 1: Title – your group’s profession and students’ names 2. Info - A. Slide 2: Key Question  Are you for or against rainforest destruction? B. Slides 3, 4, and 5: - At least 3 reasons that support your position (the more the better) - Explanation for each reason - Pictures – include at least two pictures to represent your position.
Slide 17 - Additional Research BBC Article University of Michigan Article
Slide 18 - Roles: 1. General – makes sure the group follows group procedures 2. Materials Specialist – accesses the computer/materials 3. Recorder – uses computer skills to develop a good power point presentation.
Slide 19 - Groups There are seven groups. After I put up the groups: 1. Go to your group’s location. 2. Desk Olympics 3. Elect a General, Recorder, and Materials Specialist.
Slide 20 - Activity  GROUPS
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Slide 28 - Rainforest Uses Clip Questions: 1) Create a list of items or products that originate in the rainforest. 2) Explain what a rubber tapper does.
Slide 29 - Possible Solutions: 1. Ecotourism – allowing people to tour the rainforest while preserving the region
Slide 30 - 2. Debt for Nature Swap - when an organization agrees to pay money that a government owes to others, IF that government agrees to protect parts of the rain forest.
Slide 31 - To Do List – Friday 1-23 1. Laptops – 2 per group Go to our site  click 4th marking period  open the powerpoint called “Deforestation in the Amazon” 2. Begin researching.  Access the additional research slide in the powerpoint. 3. Rough Draft  Work together and create a rough draft of your poster or powerpoint presentation 4. Approval - Get your rough drafts approved.
Slide 32 - Day 2 – Additional Research