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PowerPoint presentation on DEAD SEA ADEN CHARM, download now ppt of DEAD SEA ADEN CHARM

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DEAD SEA ADEN CHARM PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : PowerPoint presentation on DEAD SEA ADEN CHARM, download now ppt of DEAD SEA ADEN CHARM Read More


Published on : Jan 08, 2015
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Slide 1 - DEAD SEA The lowest spot on earth
Slide 2 - BACKGROUND Located in the Middle East, between Jordan and Israel. Top surface of Dead Sea is over 1300 feet below sea level. Bottom surface of the Dead Sea level is over 2300 feet below sea level. Total surface including water channels are 15.879 square miles.
Slide 3 - IN HISTORY It is biblical (Salt Sea) of Moab where (the lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire) lies hidden deep with its mysterious waters. Dead Sea had been mentioned through out history under different names. Such as “The Sea”; the “Eastern Sea” the “Sea of Araba”, and Joseph called it the “Asphaltic Sea”. Arabs called it the “Sea Of Loot”. Greeks called it “Dead Sea”.
Slide 4 - WHY DEAD SEA? There are no living creatures living in, or near the shores. You will see crystals of salt covering everything. It is the saltiest natural sea in the world. It is easy for you to float in the Dead Sea Water because of its high density.
Slide 5 - WATER SOURCES Water continuously feeds Dead Sea from holly Jordan river where JESUS has his birth baptism. Water also comes from surrounding mountains. No rivers gets out of the Dead Sea. Rain falls on Dead Sea are less than 50 ml / year!
Slide 6 - SALTS Temperature is as high as 40 centigrade on average in summer days. When water evaporates, it leaves all rich minerals in the sea. Any living fish originating from outside will quickly be coated with salt crystals and then tossed onto shore resulting into more salt.
Slide 7 - SALT CONCENTRATIONS Dead Sea water is 10 times saltier than the ocean water. Salts concentrated through water evaporation. Salts carried into the river going to the Dead Sea will not escape the sea, salts are kept and accumulated. When the surface becomes saturated of salt, salt precipitates out, in result of high concentrations while going to the depth. Piles of salt can reache 1300 feet!
Slide 8 - MINERALS IN Dead Sea contains 26 minerals including Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Bromine, Chlorine and Sulfur. 12 elements available in Dead Sea are not available in other sea or ocean. Water is pumped out from the Sea to artificial pools in order to evaporate water and get concentrated salts, which is done in the south part of the sea as the water depth there is less.
Slide 9 - COMPARISON Concentrations of Salts in Dead Sea compared with ocean and Mediterranean Sea water in mg per liter of water.
Slide 10 - BEAUTY EFFICACY Cleopatra had been doing two trips/year to Dead Sea to maintain her beauty. German health insurance companies considered trips to Dead Sea for persons suffering from skin diseases as part of their policy. Many hotels are built beside Dead Sea shore for curative and relax purposes for tourists.
Slide 11 - KEY SUBSTANCES Two main natural raw materials are derived from the ancient parts of Dead Soil: Carnallite crystals: Very rich in minerals, mainly Mg, K, Na, and Chlorides. Dead Sea Mud: The famous mud that keeps you young forever
Slide 12 - HEALING PROPERTIES Dead Sea products are known for their effectiveness in: A. Healing and protecting from different skin diseases. B. Natural anti-aging substances. C. Relaxing properties for muscles and joint pains. Cosmetic products are prepared from natural and mud by purifying, sterilizing and developing
Slide 13 - BENEFITS Potassium Supplies energy to skin cells. Magnesium activated enzymes. Bromide: soothes and treats skin. Chloride: helps balance body. Calcium: strengthens cell membrane. Dead Sea is a unique surface which has exclusive benefits of mineral rich water,mineral rich salts and mineral rich mud.