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Available Curbside Recycling Program powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by steve an active user in belonging ppt presentation General & Others category.

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Curbside Recycling Program

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Curbside Recycling Program PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available Curbside Recycling Program powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by ... Read More

Tags : Curbside Recycling Program

Published on : Aug 07, 2014
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Slide 1 - Recycling is The Right Thing to Do! Use as raw materials for new products. Saves energy & reduces greenhouse gases.
Slide 2 - Waste Composition per EPA Source: EPA Website
Slide 3 - Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste 3 Sources of MSW Residential. Businesses. Institutions. How Waste is Handled. Source: EPA Website 54% Landfill 32% Recycled 14% Incinerate
Slide 4 - #1. Recycling Conserves Landfill Space Recycling diverts materials from landfills. Forest View Landfill in KCK closed 2006. Only 3 landfills remain open in metropolitan area. Forest View Landfill Closed in KCK
Slide 5 - Recycling Materials Saves Landfill Space 1 Ton Plastic saves 30 cubic yards. 1 Ton Aluminum saves 10 cubic yards. 1 Ton Paper saves 3-4 cubic yards. 1 Ton Steel Saves 4 cubic yards. (Source: EPA as per Denver, Colo. Website)
Slide 6 - Challenges with New Landfills Difficult to open. Not In My Back Yard. It can take up to 10 years to get a new landfill permitted.
Slide 7 - What Happens Without a New Landfill? Trash would need to be trucked out of area. Price for trash disposal would increase significantly. Recycling gives a financially reasonable option.
Slide 8 - #2. Recycling Turns Trash Into Raw Materials. Recycling recovers materials to be used as raw materials for new products. U.S.A. throws away $3-4 billion of paper products each year. (Source: Pete Grogan, Weyerhaeuser Recycling, March 2007)
Slide 9 - Recycling Paper & Paper Products Helps Create Newspapers Food Packages Insulation Gypsum Wallboard Fertilizer bags Mulch Counter Tops
Slide 10 - Recycling Plastics Helps Create Carpeting T-Shirts Coats Bottles Lumber Picnic Tables Park Benches Car Stops & Bumpers Dock Bumpers
Slide 11 - Recycling Aluminum Helps Create Cans Pie Pans House Siding Small Appliances Lawn Furniture
Slide 12 - #3. Recycling Conserves Natural Resources & Energy One Ton of Paper Saves: 17 Trees 6,953 gallons water 463 gallons of oil 587 lbs air pollution 4,077 kilowatt hrs. of energy (Source: Weyerhaeuser Recycling) Source EPA Website
Slide 13 - Recycling Saves Trees Which Clean the Air Trees take carbon dioxide out of and put oxygen into the air. 40 trees remove 80 lbs. of pollutants annually. Trees foliage reduces pollutants as ozone, nitrogen oxide, ammonia & sulfur dioxides. (Source: Alliance for Community Trees Website)
Slide 14 - #4. Recycling Saves Energy & Reduces Green House Gases Using recycled materials cuts down on energy use. Much of energy is produced with fossil fuels of coal, gas, and diesel. These fuels produce green house gases & impacts our air quality.
Slide 15 - Aluminum Recycling Reduces Sulfur Dioxide To produce 1 ton of aluminum: 8 BTU’s energy using recycled aluminum. 229 BTU energy using bauxite ore. With bauxite ore use over 28 times as much energy. Reduces the gas sulfur dioxide, which helps to cause acid rain. (Source EPA and KDHE websites)
Slide 16 - #5. Recycling Has an Economic Impact Collect Items that would have become trash. Process & use as raw material to make a new product. Purchase of products with recycled content.
Slide 17 - Recycling Direct Economic Activity Results of 2001 Study 56,061 businesses. 1,121,804 people employed. $36.7 billion annual payroll. $236.3 billion in annual revenues. (Source: R.W. Beck Inc. study done for The National Recycling Coalition July 2001)
Slide 18 - Recycling is the Right Thing to Do! Reduces Land filling & recyclables used as raw materials. Conserves natural resources & energy. Saves energy & reduces greenhouse gases. Generates businesses & jobs.