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CORT Tool and WAWF PowerPoint Presentation

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  • Slide 1 - (CORT) Online Tool and WAWF Eric Ferraro SPS/WAWF/EPS Project Director
  • Slide 2 - What is CORT? The Department of Defense (DoD) Contracting Officer Representative Tracking (CORT) Tool is a web management capability for the appointment of CORs. This Tool allows a perspective COR, COR Supervisor and Contracting Officer to electronically process nomination of CORs for one or multiple contracts. It provides built-in workflows for the nomination process to include email alerts/status reminders for monthly status report due-ins and delinquencies. The CORT Tool provides contracting personnel and requiring activities the means to track and manage COR assignments across multiple DoD contracts. Army and Defense Acquisition and Policy Office (DPAP) initiative
  • Slide 3 - Benefits of CORT Provides an electronic nomination process Review status of all COR nomination requests Identify CORs by name, career field, certification level and other contact information Identify COR supervisor by name and other contact information Identify contracting officer/specialist by name and other contact information Identify all training completed by the COR by complexity of the work/requirement (Type A/B/C), including basic and refresher training requirements Track contracts by COR and CORs by contract Add and review documents, such as a Status Report, COR trip report, correspondences and other miscellaneous documents to one or more of the COR appointed contracts Terminate the COR appointment
  • Slide 4 - What You Need to Do All CORs, current and prospective, should establish a “Profile” by completing the following sections under “COR Profile” of the DoD CORT Tool (See user guide located on the DPAP and/or DOD CORT Tool Website): a. COR Information b. Supervisor Information c. Training
  • Slide 5 - How to Access CORT WAWF v5.4 (April 2013) enabled single sign on to CORT via WAWF : If current WAWF user: User tab Role Maintenance Add Roles CORT Tool User Roles “Add” Choose Role, DoDAAC, Home Organization, Home Dept If NOT a WAWF user (CORT Tool only) New User button WAWF/EDA/CORT Tool/Business Intelligence Tool Block “Registration” Use radio buttons Government, CORT Tool, CAC Card See slide 7 for role approval process
  • Slide 6 - SAAR Forms (DD 2875) Required for CORT Tool Access If using only CORT, attach to your role request If already a WAWF user, should already be in WAWF or available to the GAM Update to include CORT tool To Attach SAAR Form: Select Role Activation Select "Edit" by the individual name Attach a copy of SAAR Select "Save“ Reminder: NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS
  • Slide 7 - Role Approval (in CORT) Department Administrators - Revised Approval Process (as of 24 April 2013)   a) If the user logon type is a certificate or CAC AND the user registers for a COR, Commander/Supervisor, Administrating Contract Officer or Quality Assurance Point of Contact the roles will be active when the user completes the registration process.   b) If the user logon type is a certificate or CAC AND the user registers for a Contracting Officer, and Contract Specialist, will be in-active when the user completes the registration process and the roles will have to be activated by a Department Admin or DPAP Admin.   c) If the user logon type is a certificate or CAC AND the user registers for Department Admin or DPAP Admin the roles will be in-active when the user completes the registration process and the roles will have to be activated by a DPAP Admin.   d) If the user logon type is a userid/password all roles will be in-active when the user completes the registration process and the roles will have to be activated by a Department Admin (COR, Supervisor, ACO, PCO, CS QAPOC only) or DPAP Admin (DA or DPAP Admin only).   e) If WAWF user add a new role to their account, that role must be approved by a Department Admin (COR, Supervisor, ACO, PCO, CS QAPOC) or DPAP Admin (DA or DPAP Admin).
  • Slide 8 - CORT Department Administrators
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  • Slide 10 - Home Screen for current WAWF Users Note: I already added the CORT tool
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  • Slide 14 - First screen for new CORT Users
  • Slide 15 - Registration Screen for new users
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  • Slide 19 - CORT Reports   Question: Will the WAWF CORT Tool have reports? Answer: The WAWF PMO will be developing the reports that are currently in the CORT Tool.   Question: Who can access the reports? Answer: Reports will be available to the DPAP Administrator. In addition one or two members of each department (i.e. Navy, Air Force, DLA,) will be given access to the Business Intelligence Reporting to run reports for the department.   Question: Will I be able to run ad hoc reports? Answer: Only standard reports will be available at the time.   Question: When will the reports be available? Answer: Standard reports will be available after CORT Tool migration.   Question: Will reports access be available to users beyond the MAJCOM/Echelon II SMEs? Answer: Individual within the MAJCOM, Commands and subcommand designated as department administrators can view and download the standard report from Link to Reports menu.   Question: Currently, does anyone have the ability to pull custom reports? Answer: No. During this initial roll, out only standard reports will be available.   Question: Will there be any ability to incorporate new data fields to meet the customer's needs in the future? Answer: Yes. However, these fields will have to go through the ORC process or be mandated by policy.
  • Slide 20 - Common CORT Tool User Errors Multiple Registrations –Do not create. No career experience or experience level indicated No COR training indicated Training material is provided on the DPAP website at http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/pdi/eb/cor.html Step by Step user guide is also provided on the website
  • Slide 21 - Where to find help WAWF: https://wawf.eb.mil/ Ogden (DISA) Help Desk: CONUS Only--866-618-5988 or Commercial 801 605-7095 disa.ogden.esd.mbx.cscassig@mail.mill CORT Tool training on WAWF website: https://wawf.eb.mil/xhtml/unauth/web/homepage/FunctionalInfoCort.xhtml DPAP: http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/pdi/eb/cor.html cort@osd.mil DASN AP (Navy policy): Molli Thacker (CORT) Katrin Dilli (WAWF) Echelon II CORT Administrators (see slide 8) PEO-EIS: Eric Ferraro, SPS/WAWF/EPS Project Director
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