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Consequences of not adhering to Anti Doping Procedures PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Jan 08, 2015

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  • Slide 1 - Motorcycling Ireland Seminar of the Irish Anti-Doping Programme
  • Slide 2 - Substances/Methods are banned for 3 reasons: Performance Enhancement Endangers the Health of Athletes Against the Spirit of Sport
  • Slide 3 - Spirit of Sport Ethics Fair Play Honesty Health Respect Rules and Laws
  • Slide 4 - Strict Liability Your Body Your Responsibility
  • Slide 5 - Consequences of not adhering to Anti-Doping Procedures Suspension from sport – 2 years to life Financial implications Invalidity of Results Other Consequences – Time, Media .
  • Slide 6 - Important If a rider/coach is sanctioned for a positive test they will not be allowed to train with a club, participate, coach or administer any other sport that is signed up to the WADA Code, while under sanction.
  • Slide 7 - Sample Collection Procedures
  • Slide 8 - Rider Selection Random draw Draw made before Event
  • Slide 9 - Rider Notification AFTER a Rider finishes training or race a tester will verbally inform the rider that they need to do a drugs test They will be asked to sign the Doping Control Form. Failure to comply with these request have the same implication as a positive test result.
  • Slide 10 - An rider is entitled to: Request to see the Doping Control Officer and Chaperone’s ID card Nominate a representative of their choice to accompany them during the sample collection Request a delay in reporting to the Doping Control Station (DCS) for a valid reason
  • Slide 11 - Valid reasons for a delay in reporting for testing: Locating a representative Obtaining photo I.D. ( License ) Competing in further Competitions Obtaining necessary medical treatment
  • Slide 12 - Rider Responsibilities Produce identification, when requested, to the DCO/Chaperone Stay within sight of the DCO/Chaperone assigned to them at all times until they have provided their sample and signed the Doping Control Form
  • Slide 13 - Riders Responsibilities Comply with the sample collection procedures - the first sample they provide, after notification is at the DCS Retain control of their urine sample until it is securely Sealed
  • Slide 14 - Report to Doping Control Station
  • Slide 15 - Before providing a sample Riders should avoid excessive re-hydration Consuming food or fluids prior to providing a sample it is at Rider’s own risk – strict liability Bottled water may be provided for Riders, ensure the bottle is sealed before opening
  • Slide 16 - Before selecting a sample collection vessel OR
  • Slide 17 - Selecting a Sample Collection Vessel
  • Slide 18 - Providing a Sample The athlete must remove all clothing from the knees to mid-chest and from the hands to the elbows A chaperone of the same gender directly witnesses the athlete provide a sample
  • Slide 19 - Minors – U18
  • Slide 20 - 90mls
  • Slide 21 - Partial Sample The partial sample is put in the ‘A’ Bottle until further urine is provided to reach a total of 90mls The partial sample is sealed with a ‘partial sample seal’ with an individual number
  • Slide 22 - Selecting a Sample Collection Kit A selection of kits Check the tamper evident seal, all seals
  • Slide 23 - Five-Point Check
  • Slide 24 - Dividing/Sealing the Sample Sample is split between bottles Lids secured on bottles
  • Slide 25 - From time of passing the urine until it is securely sealed , only the RIDER must handle the sample
  • Slide 26 - Checking the Suitability of the Sample Specific Gravity checked – must meet laboratory requirements ≥1.005
  • Slide 27 - Declaration of Medications/ Supplements used in past 14 days
  • Slide 28 - Confirmation of Procedure for Urine and/or Blood Testing
  • Slide 29 - The Lab
  • Slide 30 - Results Management Motorcycling Ireland will issue negative results to the athlete within 6-8 weeks Positive Result – Contacted via Phone/ Letter by Anti- Doping officer in Motorcycling Ireland/ISC License will be suspended until hearing is held
  • Slide 31 - The Prohibited List and Checking Medications
  • Slide 32 - WADA Prohibited List ‘the banned list’ Drug tests check for categories of substances and methods on this list Available at: www.wada-ama.org
  • Slide 33 - Recreational Drugs (including Cannabis) are on the Prohibited List
  • Slide 34 - The Simple Advice… Riders must check all your prescribed and over-the-counter medications
  • Slide 35 - Republic of Ireland www.eirpharm.com ISC Medication Checker App
  • Slide 36 - Northern Ireland, UK, USA, Canada www.globaldro.com
  • Slide 37 - GUESS which are prohibited? And could cause you a problem
  • Slide 38 - Prohibited
  • Slide 39 - GUESS which are prohibited?
  • Slide 40 - Prohibited
  • Slide 41 - The Same? Republic of Ireland America PROHIBITED!!!!!!
  • Slide 42 - What happens if your medication is prohibited? If you are competing at International Level, you may need to apply for a TUE
  • Slide 43 - ppt slide no 43 content not found
  • Slide 44 - Advice for Riders Know what goes into your body Check your medication every time Remember the principle of ‘Strict Liability’
  • Slide 45 - Advice for Riders cont.… When competing abroad Bring a supply from home of any prescribed or over-the-counter medications you may need If you need to purchase medication overseas – you need to check if it is permitted in the country where it is purchased
  • Slide 46 - Advice for Riders cont.… If your medication is prohibited, read the TUE Policy to see if you need to apply Supplements – seek professional advice, research the product and company and weigh up the risk
  • Slide 47 - For More Information Contact your Anti-Doping Officer Bernard Keller Email: mciantidoping@gmail.com or
  • Slide 48 - www.irishsportscouncil.ie/antidoping
  • Slide 49 - Follow us on Twitter #pureirishsport

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