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Coal mining in the Hunter Valley Coal and Community PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Jan 08, 2015

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  • Slide 1 - Educational Resource People and Place I Coal and Community Project What is Coal Coal mining in the Hunter Valley
  • Slide 2 - Contents What is mining What is coal How is coal formed Types of coal Coal measures seams and fields Where is coal found
  • Slide 3 - What is mining Mining is the process of taking minerals from the earth. A mineral substance is almost any non living thing that is found in the earth, for example: coal Sand Oil Natural gas Iron Copper Silver Salt gold uranium phosphate gravel diamonds and gems
  • Slide 4 - What is coal? Coal is an organic material.   It is the fossilized remains of plants that lived 200 million years ago. Coal in the Hunter Valley is mainly from the Permian period The main elements in coal are: carbon hydrogen Oxygen There are small amounts of sulphur and nitrogen in coal. The amount and combination of these elements in coal determine the amount of heat, pressure and water are in the coal.
  • Slide 5 - How coal is formed
  • Slide 6 - How coal was formed Peat Extraction at BioGro's Western Victoria site http://biogro.com.au/index.php?page=broadacre Belmont wetlands (photographed by Lindsay Sullivan)
  • Slide 7 - Types of coal Anthracite (hard black coal) – This coal is dense. It is made up of under 10% volatile mater. It is kindled slowly and requires a strong draft. The flame is short and colourless and it produces little smoke. Bituminous – (black coal) This is used for coking purposes. Coking coal is used in the manufacture of steel. The flame burns yellow and a great deal of smoke is produced. The bi-products of the coking process are tars, sulphates and ammonia Sub-bituminous – This coal burns with a long bright flame and a lot of smoke. It does not coke. This type of coal has more moisture than Bituminous coal. Brown or lignites – This is an inferior coal with a high moisture content The Newcastle and Maitland Coal seams consists of bituminous coal.
  • Slide 8 - Types of coal
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  • Slide 11 - Peat, Natural graphite and Diamonds Coal is formed from peat. Peat is dug out the ground, dried and then used as a fuel. It was used as a roofing material and today it is used in potting mixes Natural graphite is part of the coal process. It is not clear exactly how diamonds are formed. Some believe that diamonds are formed deep within the earths core, and bought to the surface by volcanic activity Others believe that diamonds are the last part of the coalification process. Coal that is put under a huge amount of pressure and heat will eventually turn into diamonds
  • Slide 12 - the Wallarah seam the Great Northern seam the Fassifern seam the Upper Pilot seam the Lower Pilot seam the Australasian seam the Burwood seam the Nobbys seam the Dirty seam the Yard seam the Borehole seam the Sandgate seam Coal measures and seams Coal measures are a group of seams that are the same age. The Northern or Newcastle Coal Measure is made up of twelve seam.
  • Slide 13 - Geological Formations and Principal Collieries – Newcastle Region - 1951 httpwww.resources.nsw.gov.au__dataassetsimage001910
  • Slide 14 - Coal measures The Hunter Valley is made up of the various coal measures Newcastle or Upper Coal Measure Tomago, East Maitland or Middle Coal Measures Greta or Lower Coal Measures Dempsey Beds Upper Marine Series Lower Marine Series
  • Slide 15 - Geological Formations and Principal Collieries – Upper hunter Region httpwww.resources.nsw.gov.au__dataassetsimage001910
  • Slide 16 - Geological sections showing coal seams From the Coal Resources of NSW 1925
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  • Slide 18 - 2011
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  • Slide 20 - Proved Coal Reserves at the end of 2009

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