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Citizenship PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Jun 04, 2015

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  • Slide 1 - Unit 1: Citizenship SOL 3-4
  • Slide 2 - Welcome to Mrs. Fortunato’s Civics Class! 1. Take a copy of the syllabus located on the front desk and find your seat. 2. Review the syllabus silently. 3. Add the following to the list of supplies in your syllabus (any brought in will be for a homework pass): Hand Sanitizer Tissues Dry Erase markers and/or erasers
  • Slide 3 - SOL 4: Character Traits of Good Citizens
  • Slide 4 - Exit Ticket Please write you’re answer to each exit ticket question on a piece of paper to turn in. You will receive the paper back the next day for the next question (1 paper per unit). QUESTION: List and define (in your own words) TWO character traits of good citizens.
  • Slide 5 - Daily Question (DQ) Please write all DQs (question AND answer) in a separate section of your folder. These will be checked every Friday. DQ: Which of the following is NOT a character trait of a good citizen? A) honesty C) selfishness B) trustworthiness D) patriotism
  • Slide 6 - SOL 3a: Becoming a Citizen
  • Slide 7 - Exit Ticket What are two ways a person can become a United States citizen?
  • Slide 8 - DQ Which amendment defines citizenship? A) 1st B) 5th C) 10th D) 14th
  • Slide 9 - SOL 3b: First Amendment Freedoms
  • Slide 10 - Exit Ticket Fill in the missing First Amendment:
  • Slide 11 - DQ Amanda is upset with a local government decision, and emails her mayor with her views. Amanda is exhibiting which 1st Amendment freedom? Religion C) Assembly Petition D) Press
  • Slide 12 - SOL 3c: Duties of Citizens
  • Slide 13 - Exit Ticket What could happen if a citizen fails to fulfill a duty?
  • Slide 14 - DQ Which of the following is NOT a duty of a citizen? Pay taxes C) Register to vote Obey laws D) Serve jury duty
  • Slide 15 - SOL 3d: Responsibilities of Citizens
  • Slide 16 - Exit Ticket What is the difference between a DUTY of a citizen and a RESPONSIBILITY of a citizen?
  • Slide 17 - DQ Which of the following is a responsibility of a citizen? Hold elective office Pay taxes Serve in the armed forces if called Serve as a witness in court
  • Slide 18 - SOL 3e: Community Service
  • Slide 19 - Exit Ticket How could a citizen make their community a good place to work or live (give one example)?

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