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Download Citizenship Education PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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Citizenship Education

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Citizenship Education PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Download Citizenship Education PowerPoint Presentation Slides Read More

Tags : Citizenship Education

Published on : Jun 04, 2015
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Slide 1 - Citizenship Education Understanding civic duties and responsibilities are essential components of any social studies curriculum. Douglas Knepp Christina Peck Candice Johnson
Slide 2 - Essential Questions What does it mean to be a responsible citizen? Who are you responsible to? How do responsibilities vary based on culture and society?
Slide 3 - Components Of Citizenship Global Responsibility National Responsibility Local Responsibility Family Responsibility
Slide 4 - Global Responsibility Students should understand that we have a responsibility to protect and sustain the global resources on the planet. It is also essential that students recognize that they can take part in preserving the environment. Also covered in this area of civic duties is the responsibility we have to other citizens of the planet.
Slide 5 - National Responsibility Students need to recognize that they have certain responsibilities as citizens of a nation, to be a participant within that system. Students should understand the basic elements of participation within government and society.
Slide 6 - Local Responsibility Helpful Links: As teachers, we need to show our students that to be responsible citizens, they need to have the skills and character to be informed participants within their community.
Slide 7 - Family Responsibility As educators, we need to help our students to understand that within their families they have roles and responsibilities to their families. Also, the educators and students need to understand that each family has its own civic dynamics.
Slide 8 - Should civic duties be included in social studies? Civic duties and citizenship should absolutely be included in social studies. The responsibilities that fall under the category of civics and citizenship will be important throughout the lives of our students and will help them function on each level of society.