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Download CINEMA BOOKING SYSTEM PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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CINEMA BOOKING SYSTEM PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Download CINEMA BOOKING SYSTEM PowerPoint Presentation Slides Read More


Published on : Jun 04, 2015
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Slide 1 - CINEMA BOOKING SYSTEM BY: Toomas Kutt Fraz Tabassam Jens kaae Christensen
Slide 2 - INTRODUCTION System about booking. System covers all cinemas in country. Users can book a seat by using any web browser.
Slide 3 - System definition People can use this system to search movies and cinemas in any area specified by the user. Cinemas consists of rooms and seats. Users of the system can search for cinemas or movies. The central class is the session class that have information about movie, room, time, seats and bookings. Cinema managers can schedule, reschedule and correct movie session scheduling.
Slide 4 - Factor analysis Functionality – searching, booking, buying, scheduling Appl. domain - serving cinema customers, clerks. Conditions - Cooperation with cinema clerks, other similar booking systems, (Multilingual system. Non skilled users. 99.99% uptime, almost unlimited ressources.) Technology - client-server, replicated server farms, incrementally built upon need, 1.000-1.000.000 concurrent users. Objects – Cinema, Room, Seat, Session, Movie, Booking, TimeTable. Responsibility - reliably searching movies and cinemas and booking and buying.
Slide 5 - Problem domain: Class diagram Figure: Class diagram of Cinema booking system
Slide 6 - Problem domain: Event table Figure: Event Table
Slide 7 - Problem domain: behavoir Figure: Behavioral pattern for Booking
Slide 8 - Problem domain: behavoir Available SessionTimeOut Seat-Booking/-cancellation SessionScheduled Figure: Behavioral pattern for Session
Slide 9 - Problem domain: behavoir SelectionBooked SeatActive Available Green SessionTimeOut RoomCreated Unavailable Yellow SelectionBooked BookCancelled BookTimeOut Unavailable red Paid Figure: Behavioral pattern for Seat
Slide 10 - Application Domain: Actors and Use cases Figure: Actors and Use cases
Slide 11 - Application domain: use case diagram
Slide 12 - Application domain: Booking Figure: State-chart diagram for booking use case
Slide 13 - Application domain: Functions
Slide 14 - Design document: quality goals Figure: Priority of design criteria
Slide 15 - design document: component - architecture Figure: Component Architecture
Slide 16 - design document: process - architecture
Slide 17 - design document: class diagram Figure: Class diagram for model component
Slide 18 - design document: function - component Figure: Function component
Slide 19 - Thank you