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Business Objects and Apple Inc PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Dec 09, 2014

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  • Slide 1 - Business Objects and Apple, Inc. MIS 503 Week 5
  • Slide 2 - Business Objects Why did SYSCO want to implement Business Intelligence (BI) software?  What are the potential benefits of this type of software?  What types of companies are likely to benefit from the use of BI?  What types of firms aren't as likely to benefit?
  • Slide 3 - Business Objects What obstacles will SYSCO face as the BI software is spread through the firm?
  • Slide 4 - Business Objects Why did SYSCO only focus on 2 questions initially?  Why were they supported by Business Objects?  What are the risks and potential benefits of this approach?
  • Slide 5 - Business Objects Can SYSCO gain a strategic advantage through the use of BI software? How hard would it be for a competitor to copy SYSCO's BI solution? Which of the alternative implementation strategies should SYSCO follow?
  • Slide 6 - Apple, Inc. Historically, what were Apple’s major competitive advantages? Who buys Apples? Why do they buy Apples? What is the image of Apple? What is Apple’s value proposition?
  • Slide 7 - Apple, Inc.
  • Slide 8 - Apple, Inc. Analyze the structure of the personal computer industry over the last 15 years. How have the dynamics of the PC industry changed? What has happened to Apple’s distinctive characteristics relative to Wintel machines?
  • Slide 9 - Apple, Inc. Evaluate Apple’s strategies since 1990. Have the strategies been successful? What made for this success?
  • Slide 10 - Apple, Inc. Has Jobs finally solved Apple’s long-standing problems? Is the iPod different? How about the iPhone?
  • Slide 11 - Apple, Inc. What is the role of innovation at Apple? What is the source of innovation? Where would Apple be without its history of innovation? How can Apple maintain this innovation?
  • Slide 12 - Apple, Inc.
  • Slide 13 - Apple, Inc.

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