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Building Facebook Application with Flex for Beginners PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Aug 07, 2014

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  • Slide 1 - Building Facebook Application with Flex Sung Wu Aaron Tong 2008/1/23
  • Slide 2 - Agenda High-level view of building Facebook application using Flex. Advantage & limitation How to create a simple Facebook app in Flex Introduction to fbas Web session Desktop session Canvas, profile box, and tab Q&A
  • Slide 3 - Architecture: Traditional Apps FB server Broswer Your server Go to canvas 6) Return page 2) Send request & session_key 4) Response with page content 3) Call API
  • Slide 4 - Architecture: Flex Apps FB server Broswer Go to canvas 2) pass session key & session secret Flex swf 3) Call API
  • Slide 5 - Why Using Flex for Facebook App Develop in desktop mode before deploy. Reduce turn-around time Reduce server load integrated development environment. Integrated Debugger: better than Firebug. Easily built rich interface Built-in UI components and effects.
  • Slide 6 - Limitation Cannot send Request/Invite Need to popup new browser window for sending invitation Flash is not auto-played on profile and tab page. (user has to click on it) OpenSocial containers provide REST API only after v0.8 Loading time may be longer
  • Slide 7 - Actionscript API for Facebook Facebook official API: PHP Other languages have to use 3rd-party API Facebook API is REST-styled http API Several 3rd-party open-source Flex API exists
  • Slide 8 - facebook-actionscript-api http://code.google.com/p/facebook-actionscript-api/ Created by Jason Christ (http://pbking.com/blog/) 3 types of usage modes
  • Slide 9 - fbas http://code.google.com/p/fbas/ Works on both Facebook & Bebo Extension to Jason Christ’s facebook-actionscript-api to provide support for new methods eg. feed.xxxxxx new feed API datastore API Compatible to facebook-actionscript-api Code written for facebook-actionscript-api should be able to port to fbas transparently.
  • Slide 10 - facebook-actionscript-api & fbas Two are compatible fbas is just extension to facebook-actionscript-api with more API methods and a few fixes. Same usage. fbas can support Bebo as well as Facebook
  • Slide 11 - Desktop Session & Widget Session Facebook-actionscript-api has desktop mode and widget mode Desktop session – desktop app Widget session – web app Desktop session AIR apps or development Widget session Deployment
  • Slide 12 - Example1: Desktop Session fBook = new Facebook(); fBook.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onFacebookReady); //start up a desktop instance fBook.startDesktopSession(“api_key", “secret_key");
  • Slide 13 - Example: Desktop Session for Bebo (fbas only) fBook = new Facebook(); fBook.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onFacebookReady); //start up a desktop instance fBook.inBebo(); fBook.startDesktopSession(“api_key", “secret_key");
  • Slide 14 - Example2: Widget Session fBook = new Facebook(); fBook.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onFacebookReady); //start up a desktop instance var flashVars:Object = Application.application.parameters; fBook.startWidgetSession(falshVars, “api_key", “secret_key");
  • Slide 15 - Example: Widget Session for Bebo (fbas only) Exactly same thing. No change. fbas startWidgetSession() will transparently handles it fbas startWidgetSession() will look at fb_sig_network parameter in fb_sig_network=Facebook fb_sig_network=Bebo Transparent to API user
  • Slide 16 - Example: set profile FBML // do the start desktop session or start widget session as shown before fbook.profile.setFBML(“your fbml content”, userid);
  • Slide 17 - Example: get friends id ….. fbook.friends.getFriends(onGetFriends); ….. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// private function onGetFriends(e:Event):void { var d:GetFriendsDelegate = e.target as GetFriendsDelegate; var users:String = ""; if (d.success) { for each (var user:FacebookUser in d.friends) { users += user.uid + ","; } } Alert.show("friends=\n" + users); }
  • Slide 18 - Resources Fbas: http://code.google.com/p/fbas Facebook-actionscript-api: http://code.google.com/p/facebook-actionscript-api
  • Slide 19 - End Sung Wu sjcity@gmail.com Would like to meet other Facebook/OpenSocial/Flex developers Disclaimer: Facebook trademark belong to Facebook Flex trademark of Adobe
  • Slide 20 - Q&A
  • Slide 21 - Back up slides
  • Slide 22 - Facebook-actionscript-api Setup Dependency: corelib.swc, flexunit.swc Drop-in swc file or Create a project with the source code.
  • Slide 23 - Known Issues with Facebook-actionscript-api V0.9.1 V0.9.1 is the latest released version as of 2008/4/23. The following issues appears in v0.9.1, but is fixed already in the checked-in code, so it will be available on next version Friends.getAppUsers() does not work Profile.getFBML() will throw exception if there is no content in profileFBML
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