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Download Brain tumor PowerPoint Presentation

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Download Brain tumor PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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Brain tumor

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Brain tumor PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Download Brain tumor PowerPoint Presentation Slides Read More

Tags : Brain tumor

Published on : Jun 04, 2015
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Slide 1 - Brain tumor
Slide 2 - WHO Histologic Classification of CNS tumors: Neuroepithelial Tumors Astrocytic tumors Oligodemdroglial tumors Ependymal tumors Mixed gliomas Choroid plexus tumors Neurologic tumors Pineal parenchymal tumors Embryonal tumors Tumors of cranial/spinal nerves Mesenchymal tumors, benign Mesenchymal tumors, malignant Uncertain histogenesis Hemopoietic neoplasms Cysts/tumorlike lesions Sellar tumors
Slide 3 - Prognostic Factors: for malignant astrocytomas Age Tumor type Performance status Extent of surgery
Slide 4 - Principles of Treatment: Surgery: initial treatment Radiotherapy Chemotherapy Combine treatment
Slide 5 - Estimated Survival: 5 years (%) Astrocytoma Grade I (cerebellar) 90-100 - Grade I (all sites) 50-60 Grade II 16-46 - Grade III 10-30 Grade IV 0-10 Medulloblastoma 40-50 Ependymoma 40-55 Oligodendroglioma 50-80 Brain stem 20-30 3rd ventricle+midbrain 25-35 Pinealoma 50-90
Slide 6 - Roles of Radiotherapy in Brain Tumor Incomplete surgery Deep seated tumor: midbrain, pons Radiosensitive tumor: medulloblastoma Pituitary adenoma Palliation: metastatic lesions
Slide 7 - Roles of Whole Cerebrospinal Axis Irradiation: Medulloblastoma Ependymoma: esp. poorly differentiated type Malignant glioma of posterior fossa Pinealoma Choroid plexus papilloma Reticulum cell sarcoma of the brian
Slide 8 - Complications and Late Effects of Radiation: Acute reaction Brian edema Early delayed reaction Necrotizing leukoencephalopathy Somnolence Syndrome Late delayed reaction Cerebral Necrosis Optic nerve injury