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PowerPoint presentation on BPO, download now ppt of BPO

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BPO PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : PowerPoint presentation on BPO, download now ppt of BPO Read More

Tags : BPO

Published on : Jan 08, 2015
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Slide 1 - Page 1 • • Polyurethanes An Introduction
Slide 2 - Page 2 • • Status 2005-09-26 Polyurethanes Business Unit (PUR): Selected brands and products Baydur® Baypreg® Bayflex® Baytherm® Bayfill® Bayfit® Baygal® Baymer® Baymidur® Baynat® Multitec® Desmodur® Desmophen® Vulkollan® Baytec® Brands Raw materials and systems for … Binders Elastomers Filled and reinforced PU systems Integral skin foams Flexible foams In-situ foam Casting compounds PU / PIR rigid foams
Slide 3 - Page 3 • • Automotive industry Sports and leisure Electricalengineering Construction industry Footwear Furniture and mattresses Status 2005-09-26 Products of the PUR Business Unit: Main fields of application Mattresses Shoe soles Heat insulationin buildings Heat insulation in refrigerators
Slide 4 - Page 4 • • Insulating boards / blocks Baymer® ISP Refrigerated Appliances Baytherm® Metal-faced sandwich panels Heat insulation plus stability Baymer® MP Insulation -
Slide 5 - Page 5 • • Automotive Interior Comfort, safety and individuality Bayfill® BaySafe® Baydur® STR Baypreg® F Baynat® Bayflex® 20/30, SA, LS (aliphatic RIM Skin) Bayfit® Hyperlite, SA Automotive - Integral skin foams Baydur® Bayflex®
Slide 6 - Page 6 • • Molded Foam for furniture Bayfit®-Systems Spraying and Reinforcement High performance in a broad spectrum of applications Baytec®RC, RS, RT, Reactive; Baypreg® Elastomer & Molded Parts - Cast Elastomers Cell free high tech elastomers Baytec® Vulkollan®
Slide 7 - Page 7 • • Baydur® - Bayflex® Core Competencies: Versatility through adjusting individual product properties Economical Production Excellent reproducibility of detailed surface Range: Baydur 20; 40; 60; 110; CSP & GS Bayflex Integral Bayflex Solid
Slide 8 - Page 8 • • Baydur
Slide 9 - Page 9 • • Bayflex IntegralThick Skin; Soft Core Core Competencies Thick abrasion resistant skin Comfortable; soft core Non Tear and flexibility even at low temperatures
Slide 10 - Page 10 • • Bayflex – Integral Skin
Slide 11 - Page 11 • • Bayflex® integral - Thick Skin, Soft Core
Slide 12 - Page 12 • • Bayflex® integral - Thick Skin, Soft Core Playground equipment
Slide 13 - Page 13 • • Bayflex Solid Core Competencies Impact Resisitant; Thin walls High impact strength even at low temperatures Economical Production of Large Parts Class A Surface High stiffness possible by use of fillers Good paint adhesion Low CLTE value Good rock slide property
Slide 14 - Page 14 • • Bayflex – Solid/RIM Cowl Snow scooter Front Bumper
Slide 15 - Page 15 • • Material Selection
Slide 16 - Page 16 • • Recycling Re-Grind – Add as filler to PU processing Re-Bond – “Chip” foam for packaging; void filling etc. Glycolysis – Reclaim constituents e.g. polyol – Expensive Incineration
Slide 17 - Page 17 • • PU Contact Thank you