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Boy Scouts of America Troop PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Jan 08, 2015

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  • Slide 1 - Boy Scouts of America Troop 346 Welcomes New Scout Parents to Troop Orientation “Building Leaders Since 1970”
  • Slide 2 - Troop 346 Welcomes You!
  • Slide 3 - Troop 346 Welcomes You!
  • Slide 4 - Troop Resources Troop Handbook – online at website Troop Website – www.Troop346.org User name = “Troop346”, PW = “camping” Troop email list Monthly Parent Meetings Each Other
  • Slide 5 - Other Resources www.scouting.org www.northernstarbsa.org mustang.nsbsa.org usscouts.org myscouting.org GOOGLE!
  • Slide 6 - Boy Run Program Camping Advancement Strong Parent Participation Troop 346 Four main areas of emphasis:
  • Slide 7 - Boy Scouts – A Boy-Run Program Program Planned and Run by Scouts As Scouts advance, they assume more responsibility Allowed to learn from mistakes Adult Leaders & Parents support the scouts, but “don’t do it for them” “Never do for a Scout what a Scout can do for himself” Boys Organized by Patrols of 6-10 Scouts Probably Two New Scout Patrols this year (7-8@?) Patrol Guide(s) assigned to guide new scouts Scouts will usually tent and eat by Patrol "The patrol system leads each boy to see that he has some individual responsibility for the good of his patrol” Sir Robert Baden-Powell
  • Slide 8 - Charter Organization Institutional Head Charter Organization Rep Troop Organization BSA National - Northern Star Council - Mustang District Troop Committee - Chair Advancement Treasurer …Other committees Scoutmaster Assistant Scoutmasters Troop Leadership – Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) Asst. SPLs, Quarter Master, Librarian, Scribe, Historian, Chaplin’s Aide, Instructors, Troop Guides… Patrol Leader Asst. Patrol Leader & Patrol Members Patrol Leader Asst. Patrol Leader & Patrol Members Patrol Leader Asst. Patrol Leader & Patrol Members … Adults Scouts
  • Slide 9 - Uniform Scouts wear uniform for all scouting events Troop provides: Neckerchief & slide, “346”, Shoulder Loops, Patrol Patch, & Handbook Also Merit Badge & Rank Patches when earned Acquiring Uniforms Uniforms available for sale at scout shops Northern Star Council runs periodic uniform exchanges (see their website). Troop 346 has some uniform pieces in limited sizes and quantities (mostly pants) "The uniform makes for brotherhood, since when universally adopted it covers up all differences of class and country.“ Sir Robert Baden-Powell
  • Slide 10 - Official Uniform (Class A) BSA Shirt with shoulder loops and appropriate patches Troop 346 BSA Blue Scarf with some type of scarf slide Leadership Patrol may substitute a Bolo for the scarf Boy Scout Belt Web belt or Boy Scout leather belt Dark socks Official BSA green socks if wearing shorts Pants must either be green or khaki in color Not blue jeans, track pants, or sweat pants Uniforms required for most Meetings, Scoutmaster Conferences, Boards of Review, Courts of Honor Un-official Class B Uniform is Blue Troop 346 T-Shirt Typically worn when working or camping
  • Slide 11 - Equipment Scouts need sleeping bag & eating utensils Troop provides most non-personal items Use checklists for packing Take your time buying other equipment Borrow, Shop sales, Ask around for suggestions Label EVERYTHING
  • Slide 12 - Financial Scouts re-charter each year in December; $15 in 2011 +$12 for Boys Life +$50 per year from Wreath Sales Financial Assistance available Additional fees collected during the year for camping fees, food, & other expenses. Everything can be covered by fundraising opportunities.
  • Slide 13 - Scout Accounts Profit from fundraisers deposited into individual “Scout Troop Accounts” Troop Account can be used for any Scout Expenses; equipment or campouts Troop Fundraising Opportunities Flower Sales – early Spring Minnetonka Summerfest Concessions Wreath Sales – late fall Other opportunities may be offered
  • Slide 14 - Scout Participation Important Troop encourages active, involved, boys Well rounded scouts routinely participate in: School Work Family Activities Church Activities Sports & Other Youth Activities Troop meetings not usually mandatory However: Involvement = Advancement
  • Slide 15 - Scout Advancement Requires Scout Initiative (With adult encouragement) Scout advances at his own pace Scout works on requirements Scout has requirements signed off Often by an older Scout Scout Schedules a Scoutmaster Conference & Board of Review “Scouting is a game with a purpose.” Sir Robert Baden-Powell
  • Slide 16 - Scout Ranks Skill Ranks [Scout] Tenderfoot Second Class First Class Leadership Ranks Star Scout Life Scout Eagle Eagle
  • Slide 17 - Rank Advancement Process Do the work or demonstrate skill Have the requirement signed off Scoutmaster Conference Board of Review Court of Honor
  • Slide 18 - Do Work & Get Signed Off
  • Slide 19 - Scoutmaster Conference & Board of Review
  • Slide 20 - Court of Honor
  • Slide 21 - Troop Meetings One or Two Troop Meetings a month One usually includes next campout prep Monthly Troop Leadership (TLC) meeting Scouts with Leadership Positions Scouts in charge of last & next two events Three Courts of Honor a year Fall, Winter, Spring Everyone Occasional Troop Service Projects Monthly Patrol Meetings suggested
  • Slide 22 - Adult Meetings One Parent Committee Meeting a Month One District Roundtable per Month September - June Scoutmaster Roundtable After Scout TLC meeting Annual Calendar meeting (volunteer!) Usually in July Adult Training available: Classes & Online
  • Slide 23 - Camping Troop 346 puts the “Outing” in Scouting Troop 346 tries to “camp” once a month Includes Old Favorites & New Opportunities “A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.” Sir Robert Baden-Powell
  • Slide 24 - Canoe Campout
  • Slide 25 - Hiking Campout
  • Slide 26 - Biking Campout
  • Slide 27 - Gun Safety Campout
  • Slide 28 - Shelter Campout
  • Slide 29 - Cabin Campout
  • Slide 30 - Ski Campout
  • Slide 31 - Other Winter Activities
  • Slide 32 - New Scout Campout – April 15-17 At Camp Sacajawea in Apple Valley Meet Friday at church, probably 5:00 pm Scouts should eat dinner before coming Probably trailer packing on Thursday evening Set up Camp Scout camp by Patrols New Scouts have a Patrol Guide & Mentors to help them set up camp & cook Have Cracker Barrel (Snacks) & Campfire Sleep overnight in tents
  • Slide 33 - New Scout Campout - Saturday Scouts rise & shine Prepare breakfast & cleanup New Scouts attend “classes” Learn many Scout & Tenderfoot rank skills Lunch More Demos Prepare for…..
  • Slide 34 - Scout & Family Pig Roast
  • Slide 35 - New Scout Campout - Sunday Scouts rise & shine Prepare breakfast & cleanup Pack everything up Back to the church before noon
  • Slide 36 - May & June Activities May 2: Spring Court of Honor May 21-22: Farm Campout June 3-5: Ripley Rendezvous June 11-12: White Water Rafting campout June 20: Bowling Meeting June 25: Summerfest Concession Fundraiser
  • Slide 37 - Many Point Scout Camp July 24-30 (Week 1)
  • Slide 38 - Many Point – Sunday Morning Meet at church and travel by school bus Stop in Park Rapids for lunch
  • Slide 39 - Many Point Scout Camp NW of Park Rapids Voyager Camp Area Fort William & Two Harbors Campsites first week (Ft. Bill only 2nd week)
  • Slide 40 - Set Up & Swim Qualification
  • Slide 41 - Sleeping at Many Point Scouts sleep in Many Point wall tents Two scouts to a tent, Scouts sleep on cots NEED mosquito netting Tents grouped into patrols
  • Slide 42 - Eating & Cooking at Many Point
  • Slide 43 - Many Point – First Year First Year Scouts attend one week July 24 – 30 this year Older scouts have option of second week First Year Scouts camp with their First Year Scout Patrol First Year Scout Patrols are assigned a Patrol Guide to help them function
  • Slide 44 - Monday – Friday Typical Day 6:15 am Reveille 6:15-8:15 am Personal Prep., Breakfast, & Cleanup 8:15-8:30 am Troop Assembly, Flag Ceremony, & Announcements 8:30-8:45 am Camp Assembly & Announcements 8:45-11:20 am Merit Badge Class & First Class Adventure 11:20-1:00 pm Lunch & Cleanup 1:00-4:00 pm TROOP ACTIVITIES 4:00-5:00 pm First Class Aquatics 5:00-7:00 pm Dinner & Cleanup 7:00-9:00 pm Free Time for Activities
  • Slide 45 - Free Time Activities
  • Slide 46 - Saturday – Pack & Leave
  • Slide 47 - QUESTIONS?

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