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Available Bone Fractures and Their Types powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by search an active user in belonging ppt presentation Health & Wellness category.

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Bone Fractures and Their Types

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Bone Fractures and Their Types PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available Bone Fractures and Their Types powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded... Read More

Tags : Bone Fractures and Their Types

Published on : Mar 14, 2014
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Slide 1 - Bone Fractures and Their Types MSK 225 Anatomy Tutorial
Slide 2 - Bone Fracture Bone fracture is medically defined as a condition in which there is a break in the structural continuity of the bone.
Slide 3 - Causes of bone fractures A fracture, often is caused when undue, or intense compression/pressure impacts the bone. Or from injuries resulting from a certain medical condition that causes the weakness of the bones (osteoporosis, bone cancer, or osteogenesis imperfect otherwise known as brittle bone disease).
Slide 4 - Types of fractures This is when the skin is not pierced :Closed fracture Incomplete fracture in which the bone is bent :Greenstick An open fracture, characterised by luxation :Compound fracture Complete fragmentation of the bone :Complete fracture Repeated stress that causes a hairline fracture :Stress fracture Complicated fracture: Fractured bone damages or affects the adjacent organs
Slide 5 -
Slide 6 - Shoulder Fractures There are 2 major bones that make up the shoulder region: clavicle and scapula. Clavicle fracture: It is a type of fracture that affects the clavicle caused by trauma, resulting in severe luxation, or snapping of the bone. Scapula fracture: A fracture that affects the shoulder blade or the scapula. The cases of scapula fractures are rare as only a massive trauma to the region may cause the bone to fracture.
Slide 7 - Humerus and Forearm fractures Humerus fractures: Proximal humerus fractures: They affect the site near the shoulder joint. Mid-shaft humerus fractures: They occur lateral to the shoulder and elbow joints. Distal fractures occur proximal to the cubital region. Forearm fractures: Ulna fracture: Fracture that is caused due to the ulna accidentally colliding, or being obstructed with/by an object. Radius fracture: Also known as distal radius fracture, it occurs when the radius, proximal to the carpal region, suffers a lesion.
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Slide 9 - How do I know if I’ve broken a bone? The three most common signs of a fracture are: pain swelling Deformity If you have broken a bone, you may experience the following: you may hear a snap, or a grinding noise, during the injury, there may be swelling, bruising, or tenderness around the injured area you may feel pain when you put weight on the injury, touch it, press it or move it the injured part may look deformed - in severe breaks, the broken bone may be poking through the skin
Slide 10 - Treatment of bone fractures. Treatment depends on the type of fracture, its severity, the individual's age and general health. The first priority in treating any fracture is to address the entire medical status of the patient. First aid is the appropriate initial treatment in emergency situations. It includes proper splinting, control of blood loss, and monitoring vital signs .such as breathing and circulation
Slide 11 - Coordinator: Areen AlHarbi Presenters: Hanan Musa Raya Assanay Najla Owain Information Gathering: Rawan Farhat Esraa AlAmmari Hala AboHmoud Ghada Al Qahtanii Noor Taher Asmaa Mohammed Lujain AlFayez Alaa AlAnzi Ghadeer Alallawi