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PowerPoint presentation on Authors Purpose Bias and Fact vs Opinion, download now ppt of Authors Purpose Bias and Fact vs Opinion

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Authors Purpose Bias and Fact vs Opinion

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Authors Purpose Bias and Fact vs Opinion PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : PowerPoint presentation on Authors Purpose Bias and Fact vs Opinion, download now ppt of Authors Pur... Read More

Tags : Authors Purpose Bias and Fact vs Opinion

Published on : Jan 08, 2015
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Slide 2 - Author’s Purpose, Bias, and Fact vs. Opinion End-of-Year Review
Slide 3 - Author's Purpose In order to effectively evaluate a passage, it is essential to determine the author's purpose. There are three main purposes to an author's passage: To inform To entertain To persuade
Slide 4 - Want a Way to Remember it? P (persuade) I (inform) E (entertain) S (share feelings)
Slide 5 - Author's Purpose: To Inform When writing to inform, it is the author's goal to enlighten the reader with subjects that are typically real and factual. Few opinions are expressed. The facts in an informational passage are used to teach, not to persuade. Examples of informative texts include: cookbooks, textbooks, and historical accounts.
Slide 7 - Author's Purpose: To Entertain When writing to entertain, one goal may be to tell a story or to describe characters, places, or events (real or imaginary). Examples of entertaining texts include: plays, poems, stories, jokes, or even comic strips.
Slide 8 - Author's Purpose: To Persuade When writing to persuade, the goal is to get the reader to agree with the writer's opinion. This type of writing is opinionated, but the author may provide facts and examples to support the opinion. Examples of persuasive texts include: commercials, advertisements, and editorials.
Slide 9 - Author’s Purpose: Sharing Feelings Sharing feelings means to tell the reader what you are thinking. Examples journals, diaries, letters
Slide 10 - A title can often set the tone of the passage. Reading newspaper headings is one way to practice determining the author's purpose. In the next activity, read each headline and then select the purpose for the passage.
Slide 11 - Headline #1 "Life found on Mars. Scientists discover new forms of life that once lived on Mars." Inform Entertain Persuade
Slide 12 - Headline #2 "The Secret of the Mysterious Pendant" Inform Entertain Persuade
Slide 13 - Headline #3 "A Laugh a Minute" Inform Entertain Persuade
Slide 14 - Fact vs. Opinion In surveying a passage, it is sometimes helpful to notice facts and opinions. If a passage has more facts than opinions, it is more than likely an informative passage. If a passage has more opinions than facts, the passage will either be a persuasive passage or an entertaining one.
Slide 15 - FACT vs. OPINION Practice
Slide 16 - What’s the Author’s Purpose? In Tarpon Springs, Florida there are people who work underwater. These people are called sponge divers. The kind of treasure they look for is called sponges. Sponge diving is not an easy job. The diver has to breathe under the water, and be careful of extreme water pressure. Persuade Entertain Inform
Slide 17 - Author's Purpose Activity Use the information on the medicine bottle to determine the author's purpose. What is the purpose of this text? To Inform To Persuade To Entertain
Slide 18 - Use the information on the left to determine the author's purpose. What is the purpose of this text? To Inform To Persuade To Entertain
Slide 19 - What is Bias? A bias is when you are partial to something over something else. EXAMPLE: Say you like Coke over Pepsi. If you were somewhere, and wanted a soda and they only had Pepsi and you decided to drink water instead you would be showing your bias towards Coke.
Slide 20 - BIAS Students look for bias in a school construction scenario: Statement - “Construction is going great this fall at South Davie Schools!”
Slide 21 - Now, depending on the bias of the individual /group, the facts that are paid attention to will be significantly different.
Slide 22 - Construction Workers: “It’s going great. We’ve gotten so much done in less than a year…. we’ve been working overtime to that these kids will have a terrific new building to learn in. Man, at ___ school where we were last year, it took us almost a year and a half. We are going fast, man!”
Slide 23 - Administration We cannot believe the school is not ready. All I can do is shake my head….we were promised September, and it won’t be until October. What am I going to tell parents, staff, or the kids?How will I explain this to them all? I am so stressed out!”
Slide 24 - Teachers: “My room isn’t ready, I have no air conditioning, I can’t get to all my files, and there’s stuff all over. Not to mention that my room has been used as the lunchroom for those smelly workers all summer. PEEYOOO! This is going to be terrible year.”
Slide 25 - PARENTS: “Will it be safe for my Johnny and Susie? What if something falls on them? Will there be lunch provided? What if school starts later? How will I manage with the kids at home? I expect my tax paying dollars to go toward
Slide 26 - Students: “ What? No new lunchroom? They promised us that last year. And there was supposed to be a new, air-conditioned theater, more classrooms (meaning less people in my third hour), and all this technology. Well, where is it? I hear we get open lunch until the new lunchroom is built. Yee ha!”
Slide 27 - What is bias? Tell me again- Bias- is when you favor one side over another. Bias means that someone is unfairly partial to one side or in has favoritism to one side. EX: The team's coach thought that the referees were biased when they made many bad calls for their team, but none for the other even though the plays were similar.
Slide 28 - Remember Author’s Purpose? Get ready…
Slide 29 - Practice Time—Are you ready? Directions: On a piece of paper number from 1 to 16. For each of the next 16 slides determine the author’s purpose for the type of writing. Write P for persuade I for inform E for entertain S for share feelings
Slide 30 - PIES 1. a poster about a community walk-a-thon for charity
Slide 31 - PIES 2. appointment card from the dentist
Slide 32 - PIES 3. an advertisement for Coca-Cola
Slide 33 - PIES 4. a book report
Slide 34 - PIES 5. a story read to students by the librarian
Slide 35 - PIES 6. knock knock jokes
Slide 36 - PIES 7. an e-mail that tells a friend you are going to be late
Slide 37 - PIES 8. diary
Slide 38 - PIES instructions booklet on how to assemble a bicycle
Slide 39 - step by step recipe
Slide 40 - half price ad from Wal-Mart
Slide 41 - crossword puzzle
Slide 42 - short story
Slide 43 - directions for taking medication
Slide 44 - encyclopedia
Slide 45 - letters
Slide 46 - EXTRA CREDIT How many pies were in the ENTIRE presentation? 12