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Apple Inc Presentation : Download Apple Inc ppt presentation and make your presenation attractive

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Apple Inc

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Apple Inc PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Apple Inc Presentation : Download Apple Inc ppt presentation and make your presenation attractive Read More

Tags : Apple Inc

Published on : Dec 09, 2014
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Slide 1 - Apple Inc. By: Tyler Haida Frankie Damian Honglu Liu Presented March 13, 2012
Slide 2 - AGENDA Industry Overview Competitors Analysis Company Overview Modeling Recommendation
Slide 3 - Industry Analysis Consumer Electronics Industry is very competitive Products can be looked at as a luxury and not a necessity. Demand is driven by the “desire” of the product not the “need” Demand for Apple products is expected to continue to grow rapidly
Slide 4 - Competitors Google (GOOG) Market cap. 196.76 Billion Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) Market cap. 47.62 Billion Research in Motion (RIMM) Market cap. 6.76 Billion Dell (DELL) Market cap. 30.15 Billion Amazon (AMZN) Market cap. 83.45 Billion Source: Yahoo! Finance
Slide 5 - Competitors Products
Slide 6 - Competitor’s Key Statistics Source: Yahoo! Finance
Slide 7 - COMPANY OVERVIEW Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures and markets personal computers, software, electronics and other creative devices.
Slide 8 - Key Statistics Current Price $552.00 Market Capitalization 514.67 Billion P/E 15.71 EPS 35.14 P.E.G. 0.66 R.O.A 24.01% R.O.E 45.58% 5 yr. Annualized HPR 137% Source: Yahoo! Finance
Slide 9 - PRODUCTS iPhone iPad Mac Hardware Products Desktop computers: iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini Portable computers: MacBook Pro and MacBook Air iPod Touch; Nano; Shuffle; Classic iTunes + iTunes Store Mac App Store Software Products and Computer Technologies iCloud Source: Apple 10-K (2011)
Slide 10 - iPhone
Slide 11 - iPad
Slide 12 - iPod
Slide 13 - MacBook’s
Slide 14 - Mac Desktop’s
Slide 15 - Apple TV
Slide 16 - Data Source: Apple 10-K (2011)
Slide 17 - BASIC FINANCIAL DATA Source: Bloomberg
Slide 18 - BASIC FINANCIAL DATA Source: Bloomberg
Slide 19 - HISTORICAL STOCK PRICE Source: Bloomberg
Slide 20 - 20 Day vs. 200 Day Moving Average Source: Yahoo! Finance
Slide 21 - New Products??? Apple Television “display monitor or screen” would be more fitting. Apple Game Counsel Epic Games, CEO Mike Capps spoke of the possibility of a Bluetooth controller being developed for the iPad. With a hypothetical controller combined with AirPlay and an Apple TV, he believes Apple could challenge Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation platforms for the home console gaming market. Source:
Slide 22 - Key Risk Factors Global Economic Conditions Highly competitive global market subject to rapid technological change “Wide Moat” Must successfully manage frequent product introductions and transitions Operating results depend on Apple’s ability to obtain components in sufficient quantity Depend on outsourcing, many outside the U.S. Relies on third-party intellectual property and digital content
Slide 23 - The Apple “Moat” Huge Market Share? Source: Yahoo! Finance
Slide 24 - Explaining the “Hybrid Market” As we pointed out earlier Apple does NOT have a true competitor Not one company in the Technology industry competes with Apple in all business segments. So we created this Hybrid Industry to really try and put Apple’s market share in perspective. We took the market capitalization of all the industries of Apple’s competitors and compared Apple’s Market Cap. to this “Hybrid “industry instead off just the Personal Computers Industry, which Apple clearly dominates.
Slide 25 - The Moat Continued Low-Cost Producer? Apple outsources all of its production Because it can get it at a very low cost overseas. Average 5 year Gross Margin of 40%
Slide 26 - The Moat Continued Patents, Copyrights, or Governmental Approvals and Licenses? Apple currently has 3.5 Billion Intangible Assets Typically are patents and copyrights Very active in filing patents on new products Literally everything they make They also peruse legal action Apple is very secretive and protects its products Source: Apple 10-K (2011)
Slide 27 - The Moat Continued Unique Corporate Culture? Just go into an Apple store It is no secret that the culture at Apple is very unique High-Customer Switching Costs Apple doesn't’t necessarily have high switching costs but the way all of the products integrate with each other makes it very convenient and attractive to own more Apple products. The Network Effect? This is created by being a first-mover in an emerging technology. Because the network’s value increases as more people use it, a network is created that can create a “massive” moat.
Slide 28 - So Apple’s “Moat”? Morning Star classifies Apple’s moat as being “narrow” I say it’s bigger. “moderate” or even “wide”
Slide 29 - Graham-Greenblatt 1 year Earnings Growth 35.17% Graham 7-10 year growth 347% Greenblatt APPL=353.7% GOOG=46.37% RIMM=148.26% HPQ=81.81% DELL=42.19%
Slide 30 - Competitor’s Graham-Greenblatt Source: Yahoo! Finance
Slide 31 - Recommendation BUY 100 shares at the market. Will have to get permission because it will exceed the limit of 2.5% of initial position.