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Ancient Rome Salem City Schools PowerPoint Presentation

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  • Slide 1 - Ancient Rome SOL 3.1, 3.5, 3.7
  • Slide 2 - The ancient Roman civilization shares: A written language A system of government Advances in arts and sciences A common culture
  • Slide 3 - Physical Characteristics Ancient Rome was…. Next to the Mediterranean Sea It covered parts of Europe, Asia and Africa A peninsula Rocky and mountainous Built on hills Next to the Tiber River
  • Slide 4 - Representative Democracy Citizens (wealthy men) voted for representatives to make laws for them. Laws applied to everyone. We use a representative democracy in America today!
  • Slide 5 - Adaptations to the Environment Ancient Romans adapted to their mountainous land by Growing olives and grapes Having small farms on terraced hillsides Trading on the Mediterranean Sea
  • Slide 6 - Jobs of the Romans Farmers Road builders Traders
  • Slide 7 - Architecture Romans used arches in buildings, bridges and aqueducts.
  • Slide 8 - Aqueducts were designed to pump water in to the city. The water was used for humans and for irrigation.
  • Slide 9 - Road Building The Romans created a network of paved highways. This joined the empire together and allowed soldiers to move swiftly from one area to another.
  • Slide 10 - Roman Art Roman artists created: Pottery Jewelry Tools Mosaics were a special art form that used small pieces of tile, glass or stone.
  • Slide 11 - Religion The Romans began by worshipping different gods and goddesses (like the Greeks), but eventually become Christians.
  • Slide 12 - Ancient Romans also…. Changed our calendar to 365 days and named the months Gave us 1/3 of our English language Used Roman numerals that we still see today on clocks, watches, and in books I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X
  • Slide 13 - The People of Ancient Rome Men were citizens Women were caretakers Boys were educated Girls learned handicrafts and household chores What would you be doing in Ancient Rome?
  • Slide 14 - Be able to locate Italy, Rome and the Mediterranean Sea on a map. Study and you will be REALLY ROMAN!
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