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Available Ambulance Module powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by honey an active user in belonging ppt presentation Health & Wellness category.

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Ambulance Module

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Ambulance Module PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available Ambulance Module powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by honey an a... Read More

Tags : Ambulance Module

Published on : Mar 14, 2014
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Slide 1 - Ambulance Module Operations Reporting Record Keeping
Slide 2 - EMT Roles - Driver Responsible for mechanical check Tires Gas level Oil brakes, etc..
Slide 3 - EMT Roles - Attendant Responsible for medical supplies Back boards Oxygen Splints Bandages, etc..
Slide 4 - EMT Roles - other Paperwork Radio reporting Verbal to ER staff
Slide 5 - EMT Roles - on-scene Patient Contact Scene Manager THESE ARE 2 DISTINCT ROLES
Slide 6 - Driving CODE 2 Non Emergency (normal driving) CODE 3 Emergency (operating as an emergency vehicle)
Slide 7 - Code 3 driving MUST BE ABLE TO JUSTIFY! Valid reasons = ABC problems Airway Obstruction Respiratory Distress Shock
Slide 8 - Code 3 driving Decision to Operate CODE 3 Dispatch decides initially You decide how to transport to Hospital (ABC problem?)
Slide 9 - Code 3 driving Operating Code 3 - EMERGENCY Exempt from most traffic regulations 10 MPH over the posted speed limit Beware intersections
Slide 10 - You are NEVER exempt from operating safely You can be charged with a crime if you operate unsafely
Slide 11 - Responding Always use maps - BEFORE you begin to move! The attendant should help with the response. Make eye contact with other drivers and STILL DON”T TRUST THEM
Slide 12 - Freeway Response No Light bar Forward steady red and Rear flashers only (think CHP) Can use all lights once parked (safety)
Slide 13 - Scene Approach VIOLENT? Approach slow and silent Consider Staging 1-2 blocks away Beware dead ends and long alleys Park as a TACTIC, not as if you were shopping
Slide 14 - Radio requests Composed Brief Be specific what you want State purpose of request
Slide 15 - Radio reports Be composed Be prepared before you start Be structured - same format every time
Slide 16 - Radio Report Unit to Base Location Age - sex - weight Chief Complaint (C/C) Expanded Chief Complaint Level of consciousness (LOC)
Slide 17 - Radio Report Pupils & Skin signs Vital signs Past Medical History (PMH) Physical Exam (PE) Treatment given (RX) Destination Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
Slide 18 - Verbal Reports Patient name C/C Expanded C/C LOC if altered Vital signs Treatment given
Slide 19 - Documentation EMS Form - Run Sheet - Patient Chart It is a legal document, same as a will, trust deed, arrest record, etc It is a reflection of the care you provide
Slide 20 - Documentation rules If you did not write it down, you did not do it. Incomplete paperwork equals incomplete care. Sloppy paperwork equals sloppy care.
Slide 21 - Scene Safety and Personal Protection Prepare yourself when dispatched Inspect surroundings Mark the scene Check vehicle stability Take proper night time precautions
Slide 22 - Communicable Diseases Transmitted from one person to another Minimize risk with proper protection Immunizations
Slide 23 - Routes of Transmission Direct Vector-borne Vehicle (indirect) Airborne
Slide 24 - Common Terms Exposure Universal precautions Body Substance Isolation (BSI) Exposure Control Plan
Slide 25 - Body Substance Isolation (BSI) Hand washing Gloves Eye protection Mask Gowns
Slide 26 - Immunizations Recommended: Tetanus-diphtheria boosters (every 10 years) Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) Influenza vaccine (yearly) Hepatitis B vaccine
Slide 27 - Duty to Act Cannot deny care to a patient with a suspected communicable disease Abandonment / breach of duty / negligence
Slide 28 - Diseases of Special Concern HIV infection Hepatitis Meningitis Tuberculosis
Slide 29 - General Post Exposure Management See a doctor immediately Ryan White law
Slide 30 - Clinical & Ride-a-longs Arrive in proper uniform Arrive a few minutes early Ask questions Remember your scope of practice Patient information is confidential
Slide 31 - Sign Ups If you sign up for a clinical or schedule a ride-a-long you are expected to be there. If you have to reschedule you will lose your priority
Slide 32 - Sign ups If you fail to show up for a field experience the will be a penalty (50 points) Bring lunch money or a sack lunch
Slide 33 - Paperwork Field Evaluation Form Patient Summary Sheet Notebook to take notes (when appropriate)
Slide 34 - Thank You for Coming The END