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Algae Presentation : Download Algae ppt presentation and make your presenation attractive

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Algae PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Algae Presentation : Download Algae ppt presentation and make your presenation attractive Read More

Tags : Algae

Published on : Dec 09, 2014
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Slide 1 - Algae An Overview
Slide 2 - Characteristics Range in size from microscopic to single celled organisms to large seaweed Autotrophic Form the reproductive structures – gametangia or gamete chambers Aquatic and have flagella at some point in life Often contain pyrenoids, organelles that synthesis and store starch
Slide 3 - STRUCTURE Thallus (haploid) Four types of algae Unicellular Colonial Filamentous multicellular
Slide 6 - REPRODUCTION MOST REPRODUCE BOTH SEXUALLY AND ASEXUALLY Most sexual reproduction is triggered by environmental stress Asexual Reproduction Mitosis Sexual Reproduction Meiosis Zoospores Plus and minus gametes Zygospore
Slide 7 - Reproduction in Multicellular Algae Oedogonium reproduction Antheridium-release flagellated sperm that swim to the oogonium Oogonium-houses the zygote which is a diploid spore The spore undergoes meiosis and produces 4 haploid zoospores. One of the four cells becomes a rootlike holdfast the others divide and become a new filament. oogonium
Slide 8 - holdfast
Slide 9 - Spirogyra reproduce sexually by conjugation
Slide 10 - Ulva Reproduces by Alternation of Generations Two distinct multicellular phases- one is haploid and the other is diploid Gametophyte is haploid Sporophyte is diploid
Slide 11 - Phylum Chlorophyta Green algae 7000 diverse species Biologist reason that green algae give rise to land plants. Both green algae and land plants have chlorophyll a and B as well as carotenoids and store food as starch Both have walls made of cellulose
Slide 12 - Phylum Phaeophyta 1500 species of Brown algae Mostly marine and include seaweed and kelp All are multicellular and large (often reaching lengths of 147 feet) Individual alga may grow to a length of 100m with a holdfast, stipe and blade Used in cosmetics and most ice creams
Slide 13 - Phylum Rhodophyta 4000 species of RED Algae Most are marine Smaller than brown algae and are often found at a depth of 200 meters. Contain chlorophyll a and C as well as phycobilins which are important in absorbing light that can penetrate deep into the water Have cells coated in carageenan which is used in cosmetics, gelatin capsules and some cheeses
Slide 14 - Phylum Euglenophyta 1000 species of Euglenoids Have both plantlike and animal-like characteristics Fresh water
Slide 15 - Other Phylum Representatives Diatoms – used in detergents, paint removers, toothpaste Dinoflagellates – red tides Important in the formation of petroleum products Golden algae
Slide 16 - Funguslike Protist Cellular Slime molds
Slide 17 - Plasmodial Slime Molds
Slide 18 - Water Molds