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Airports Safety Management System PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Dec 09, 2014

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  • Slide 1 - Airports Safety Management System Integrating Planning Into the Process
  • Slide 2 - Safety Management System– SMS A process for achieving acceptable levels of safety risk* Elements Policy Commitment Boundaries Safety Risk Management Analyze Risk Control Risks (mitigate) Accept Risks System Changes Assurance System performance Hazard identification Promotion Communication, outreach, culture and human resources * FAA Order 8000.369, Safety Management System Guidance
  • Slide 3 - Safety Risk Management– SRM Describe the System Mission Human Machine Management Media or Environment Identify Hazards What can go wrong Causes System State Effect Analyze Risks Existing controls Severity Likelihood Assess Risks Single point failure Common cause failure Risk acceptability– high, medium, or low Treat Risks– Mitigation Avoidance Transfer Assumption Control Implementation and monitoring Infrastructure
  • Slide 4 - Airport Planning Existing Conditions Inventory Aviation Forecasts Facility Requirements Alternatives Development and Evaluation Airport Layout Plan Project Selection and Implementation Project sequencing and master schedule Environmental review Financing (Safety assessment and acceptance)  Airport Planning SRM A Process For Satisfying Long-term Aeronautical Demand
  • Slide 5 - Airport Planning SRM Context Airport Process (SMS) FAA ATO SMS FAA ARP SMS (TBD) Airport Planning SRM
  • Slide 6 - System Infrastructure and Operations Infrastructure and Operations Infrastructure can (almost always) be operated in a safe manner Therefore, system operations ultimately determine system safety. SMS balances operational production and safety Therefore, airport infrastructure must provide for a safe operation that meets aeronautical demands Airport production can be measured in terms of system capacity, efficiency and utility Infrastructure Provided by the Airport, ATO Tech Ops Approved and funded by ARP Operations– Provided by… Flight Operations: Air Traffic (ATO), Flight Standards, etc Airport Operations: Airport Aircraft Operations: Pilot  Airport Planning
  • Slide 7 - Time Line Decision Level New operations begin Planning… Construction… Planning Process Decisions
  • Slide 8 - Planning Process and SRM Plan Construct Design Operate *Planning Safety Assessment)
  • Slide 9 - Planning Safety Assessment Develop Alternatives Preliminary Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Modification of Standards Identify Potential Limitations Aircraft Taxiways Runways Procedures Capacity Establish Efficiency, Capacity and Utility Targets
  • Slide 10 - SRM in Planning
  • Slide 11 - SRM in Environmental
  • Slide 12 - SRM in Design and Construction
  • Slide 13 - Concurrent Planning… Begin with the end in mind– operational benefits for the aviation system Initial planning must include safety as well as other considerations Assemble a complete complement of stakeholders, including operations safety Capture and apply critical safety decisions to each subsequent phase of the airport planning and development process SRM Benchmarks for Airport Planning
  • Slide 14 - Implementation Studies What– Incorporate SRM into the airport planning and development process Master Planning and ALP Approval Environmental Review Modification of Standards Construction Safety Phasing How– Test various SRM approaches to the planning/development process ATO SRM Airport SRM ARP Contractor SRM Passive Case studies FAA Team Effort Interview Participants Identify Lessons Learned and Best Practices Apply to SRM Guidance
  • Slide 15 - SRM Approaches ATO SRM SRM panel facilitated by ATO. Expand the current ATO role and require more involvement from ARP to address the entire airfield, including proposed development and the associated airspace. Airport SRM Airport sponsor hires a safety consultant to perform a safety assessment. Readily funded by the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). Airport sponsor has direct control over airport safety operations during and after construction. ARP Contractor SRM SRM panel facilitated by the ARP SMS support contractor. Can effectively leverage the outcomes for ARP guidance. Passive Passive participation in the planning process. Observe and propose how a new SRM process could be incorporated into existing planning process steps. Minimal impact on the existing planning process. Case studies Review outcomes and interview participants of completed ATO SRM processes
  • Slide 16 - Lets get out there and learn how to apply SRM to airport planning!!! Thanks for Your Time… Now…

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