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Download aircraft classification PowerPoint Presentation

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aircraft classification Presentation : Download aircraft classification ppt presentation and make your presenation attractive

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aircraft classification

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Aircraft classification PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : aircraft classification Presentation : Download aircraft classification ppt presentation and make yo... Read More

Tags : aircraft classification

Published on : Dec 09, 2014
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Slide 1 - 10:29:25 PM DO NOW LESSON # 1. Identify 3 major aerospace manufacturing companies. 2. Explain how a person such as your self can own part of an airline company.
Slide 2 - 10:29:25 PM . Focus Point: How are Aircraft Classified? Instructional Objectives: (SWBAT): 1) Explain the 2 primary classes of aircraft. 2) Discuss types of heavier than air aircraft. 3) Identify 2 types of fixed wing aircraft. Lesson # 2 12/9/2014 10:29 PM
Slide 3 - 10:29:25 PM I) What are the two primary classes of aircrafts: 1) Lighter-than air: 2) Heavier- than air:
Slide 4 - 10:29:25 PM 1) Lighter-than air: Hydrogen was used (flammable gas). Uses gas to keep it aloft Eventually slighter heavier helium (non flammable) was used
Slide 5 - 10:29:25 PM II) Lighter-than air: 1) Non-rigid: “free balloon” or “hot air balloon”, has no internal or external framework. Has no steering mechanism. 2) Rigid: blimp, gas is contained in a fabric covered wooden or metal frame work. A gondola (control car) is underneath which carries engines and personnel.
Slide 6 - 10:29:25 PM Note: The Hindenburg was a German Zeppelin, after a successful passenger flight began across the Atlantic caught fire while landing in New jersey in May 1937, killing 36 people and injuring many.
Slide 7 - 10:29:25 PM 2) Heavier-than air: All other types.
Slide 8 - 10:29:25 PM III) Heavier-than air: 1) Rotary wing: Lift is generated by moving blades overhead which act as “revolving wings” A) Autogiro: non powered air driven blades. Forward flight is accomplished by use of a conventional engine and propeller. Forward motion caused free wheeling rotating blade.
Slide 9 - 10:29:25 PM Powered by rotating blades. blades may be tilted in any direction to control flight path. B) Helicopter:
Slide 10 - 10:29:25 PM 2) Fixed wing: A) Seaplanes: (flying boats) uses floats or hulls in place of conventional landing gear to take off and land on water . B) Landplanes: classified by location of wing, landing gear type etc…
Slide 11 - 10:29:25 PM
Slide 12 - 10:29:25 PM C) Amphibians: can operate either on land or on water.
Slide 13 - 10:29:25 PM . Focus Point: How are Aircraft Classified? SUMMARY (ACCOUNTABLE TALK): 1) What are the 2 primary classes of aircraft? 2) What are the 2 types of heavier than air aircraft? 3) What are the 3 types of fixed wing aircraft? Lesson # 2 December 9, 2014