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African Elephant Presentation : Download African Elephant ppt presentation and make your presenation attractive

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African Elephant

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African Elephant PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : African Elephant Presentation : Download African Elephant ppt presentation and make your presenation... Read More

Tags : African Elephant

Published on : Dec 09, 2014
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Slide 1 - African Elephant By: Brett Pederson
Slide 2 - Where Are The Elephants in Africa? Africa is home to many elephants but most of them are from the middle of Africa down to the southern tip. On the southern tip of Africa Elephants are on the east. There are some elephants on the west side of Africa but very little. The continent with the most elephants is Africa. India and Asia are next.
Slide 3 - Poaching In Africa poaching is a big problem. There are thousands of elephants killed every year by poachers. The elephant population is decreasing every year because of poachers. Right now the elephant population in Africa is about 470,000 to 680,000. That may seem like a lot to you but without poachers there could be many more.
Slide 4 - What do poachers want from the elephants? Poachers want the tusks from the elephants. The reason they do it is because some people will pay a lot of money for them(this happened in the book I read, Thunder Cave). Some poachers will kill the elephants and cut the tusks off. Some will tranquilize the elephants and cut the tusks off. After a elephant wakes up if that happened they have horrible pain in there gums because tusks are like teeth.
Slide 5 - Elephant facts Life length: Elephants normally live between 50-70 years. The oldest recorded elephant was 82 years old. The largest elephant ever recorded was a male found in Angola in 1956. It weighed about 24,000 pounds. There are 3 species of elephants, The African Bush Elephant, The African Forest Elephant, and The Asian Elephant. Size: Up to 11 feet. Diet: Plants
Slide 6 - The End Resources: