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Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the United States PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Dec 06, 2013

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  • Slide 1 - Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the United States ELECTED FROM: Illinois POLITICAL PARTY: Republican TERM: March 4, 1861 – April 15, 1865 BORN: February 12, 1809 BIRTHPLACE: Hardin County, Kentucky DIED: April 15, 1865, Washington, D.C. Buried in Springfield, Illinois OCCUPATION: Lawyer MARRIED: Mary Todd, 1842 CHILDREN: Robert, Edward, Willie, Tad
  • Slide 2 - Abraham Lincoln's Childhood and Education Lincoln was born in Hardin County, Kentucky on February 12, 1809. He moved to Indiana in 1816 and lived there the rest of his youth. Lincoln himself stated that he had about one year of formal education. However, he was taught by many different individuals. He loved to read and learn from any books he could get his hands on.
  • Slide 3 - Abraham Lincoln Symbolic log cabin at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site
  • Slide 4 - Family Ties Father: Thomas Lincoln - farmer and carpenter Mother: Nancy Hanks - died when Lincoln was nine. His stepmother, Sarah Bush Johnston, was very close to him. Siblings: Sarah Grigsby was the only sibling to live to maturity. Wife: Mary Todd - grew up in relative wealth. Four of her siblings fought for the South. She was considered mentally unbalanced. Children: Robert Todd - lawyer and diplomat; William Wallace - the only president's child to die in the White House, and Thomas "Tad" - died at 18.
  • Slide 5 - Abraham Lincoln's early life and career Lincoln began his political career in 1832 at age 23 with an unsuccessful campaign for the Illinois General Assembly as a member of the Whig Party.
  • Slide 6 - An 1864 Mathew Brady photo depicts President Lincoln reading a book with his youngest son, Tad
  • Slide 7 - The greatest American president He is considered by many historians to have been the greatest American president.
  • Slide 8 - Abraham Lincoln One of the last photographs of Lincoln, likely taken in February 1865
  • Slide 9 - Abraham Lincoln The Apotheosis of Abraham Lincoln, greeted by George Washington in heaven (an 1860s work
  • Slide 10 - 1860 Presidential election 1860 presidential election results On November 6, 1860, Lincoln was elected as the 16th President of the United States. He was the first Republican president, winning entirely on the strength of his support in the North:
  • Slide 11 - Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln met with his cabinet on July 22, 1862 for the first reading of a draft of the Emancipation Proclamation
  • Slide 12 - Lincoln in 1846 or 1847 In 1846 Lincoln was elected to one term in the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Slide 13 - Abraham Lincoln Official White House portrait of Abraham Lincoln by George Peter Alexander Healy
  • Slide 14 - Abraham Lincoln 1864 Presidential election results
  • Slide 15 - The only known photographs of Lincoln giving a speech were taken as he delivered his second inaugural address. Here, he stands in the center, with papers in his hand.
  • Slide 16 - A photograph of the March 4, 1861 inauguration of Abraham Lincoln in front of United States Capitol
  • Slide 17 - Abraham Lincoln A picture that depicts the assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  • Slide 18 - Lincoln's tomb, Oak Ridge Cemetery Abraham Lincoln's tomb is located in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois. It includes a 117-foot-tall granite obelisk surmounted with several bronze statues of Lincoln, which was constructed by 1874. Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, and three of his four sons are also buried there (Robert Todd Lincoln is buried in Arlington National Cemetery)
  • Slide 19 - Lincoln's coffin, Museum of Funeral Customs A funeral was held in Springfield on May 4, 1865. Subsequent to the funeral, Lincoln's remains, along with those of his son William, were interred in a public receiving vault at Oak Ridge Cemetery.
  • Slide 20 - Lincoln's funeral train Lincoln's body was born from Washington, DC, on a funeral train, accompanied by dignitaries and Robert Todd Lincoln, his eldest son. The remains of his son, William Wallace Lincoln, were also placed on the train. The train left Washington, DC, on April 21, 1865, and traveled 1,654 miles, retracing the route Lincoln had traveled to Washington, DC, as the president elect. The train's journey ended on May 3, 1865, when it arrived in Springfield, Illinois.
  • Slide 21 - Lincoln Memorial University is a private four-year co-educational liberal arts college located in Harrogat, Tennessee
  • Slide 22 - Images of Lincoln Lincoln's portrait on the American five dollar bill Lincoln stamp, issued November 19, 1965
  • Slide 23 - Images of Lincoln Statue of Abraham Lincoln, Hingham, Massachusetts Daniel Chester French's sculpture inside the Lincoln Memorial Stone carving of Lincoln at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
  • Slide 24 - Images of Lincoln Lincoln's likeness on Mount Rushmore Proof coinage Lincoln penny with cameo effect, obverse Lincoln on the Illinois design of the 50 State Quarters, issued in 2003
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