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About Big Bang Theory PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Nov 13, 2014

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  • Slide 1 - # 9 Big Bang Theory The expanding universe and a quick galaxy review
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  • Slide 3 - What do we know about the Milky Way, our own galaxy? The Milky Way Galaxy
  • Slide 4 - The Central Black Hole Recent studies suggest that a black hole, with a mass of more than a million suns, probably exists at the very center of our galaxy.
  • Slide 5 - The Expanding Universe Late 1920s, Edwin Hubble discovered that the farther away a galaxy was, the faster it was moving away from Earth. This concept came to be known as the expanding universe.
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  • Slide 7 - The Big Bang Theory If the universe is expanding, it must have been smaller in the past than it is today. Astronomers now believe the universe exploded outward from a single point. This idea is known as the Big Bang Theory.
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  • Slide 9 - The Big Bang theory The Big Bang theory says the universe began as a huge explosion between 10 billion and 20 billion years ago. According to this theory, all matter and energy started in a space smaller than the nucleus of an atom.
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  • Slide 11 - Support for the BB theory: cosmic background radiation heat scattered from explosion all of space same temp = -270ºC (only 3 above absolute 0) universal expansion all other galaxies are moving away from us & each other – ex) dots on balloon when inflating
  • Slide 12 - More Evidence for the BB theory The proportion of hydrogen to helium is consistent with the physics of the Big Bang. If the universe were significantly older, there would be more heavy elements present compared to H & He.
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