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View and free download About B2B powerpoint presentation which is uploaded by search an active user in belonging ppt presentation Business & Management category.

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About B2B

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About B2B PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Description : View and free download About B2B powerpoint presentation which is uploaded by search an active user ... Read More

Tags : About B2B

Published on : Dec 06, 2013
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Slide 1 - B2B Why Organizations Buy: Business-to-Business Markets and B2B E-Commerce
Slide 2 - Business Markets Generally, the same principles are true for business and consumer customers There are characteristics that make B2B buying more complex Multiple buyers Number of customers Size of purchases Geographic concentration
Slide 3 - Types of Organizational Markets Industrial Markets Industrial firms Reseller Market Resellers Government Markets Government Units Global Organizational Markets
Slide 4 - Type and number of organizational customers
Slide 5 - NAICS breakdown for information industries sector: NAICS code 51 (abbreviated)
Slide 6 - Key characteristics of organizational buying behavior
Slide 7 - Derived Demand B2B demand is derived demand because a business’s demand for goods and services comes either directly or indirectly from consumers’ demands
Slide 8 - Derived Demand Demand for education Derived demand - textbooks Derived demand - paper Derived demand - pulp Derived demand - forestry products
Slide 9 - The Nature of Business Buying The Buying Situation The Professional Buyer The Buying Center
Slide 10 - The Professional Buyer Titles: purchasing agents, procurement officers, director of materials management Focus on economic factors beyond the initial price of a product including transportation and delivery charges, accessory products or supplies, maintenance, disposal costs, etc. Large firms practice centralized purchasing - one department does all buying
Slide 11 - The Buying Center A cross-functional group of people in the organization who participate in the decision-making process May include production workers, supervisors, engineers, secretaries, shipping clerks, and financial officers
Slide 12 - Roles in the Buying Center Initiator begins the buying process User needs the product Gatekeeper controls the flow of information to other members Influencer dispenses advice or shares expertise Decider makes the final decision Buyer executes the purchase
Slide 13 - The Buying Situation A buy class framework identifies the degree of effort required of the firm’s personnel to collect information and make a purchase decision Straight rebuy Modified rebuy New task buying
Slide 14 - How they buying situation affects buying center behavior
Slide 15 - International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Geneva , Switzerland One standards organization per country: USA – ANSI Japan – JISC (MITI) Germany – DIN Australia – SAI ISO 9000
Slide 16 - Electronic B2B Commerce Internet exchanges between two or more businesses or organizations Allows marketers to link directly to suppliers, factories, distributors, and their customers Reduces time necessary to order and deliver goods, track sales, and get feedback
Slide 17 - Intranets, Extranets, and Private Exchanges An intranet is an internal corporate computer network that uses Internet technology to link company departments, employees, and databases An extranet allows outsiders to the organization to access its intranet A private exchange links invited groups of suppliers and partners over the Web
Slide 18 - Security Issues Authentication - making sure only authorized individuals are allowed to access a site Firewalls - combination of hardware and software that ensures only authorized individuals gain entry Encryption - scrambling a message so that only another individual has the right “key” for deciphering it
Slide 19 - Comparing the stages in consumer and organizational purchases