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PowerPoint presentation on A Sales Training, download now ppt of A Sales Training

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A Sales Training

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A Sales Training PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : PowerPoint presentation on A Sales Training, download now ppt of A Sales Training Read More

Tags : A Sales Training

Published on : Jan 08, 2015
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Slide 1 - Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certificate Program Informational Session College of Extended and International Education Presented by Toni B White, LCSW ADX Coordinator/Instructor
Slide 2 - Program overview Consists of 11courses 27 extension units—upper division Prepares students for entry into the field at a professional level Well known by treatment centers in the area Approved by most state certifying agencies CAADAC Approved Program
Slide 3 - Courses Introduction to Alcoholism-ADX 300 Introduction to Counseling-ADX 301 Counseling the Individual- ADX 302 Perspectives on Drug Abuse- ADX 303 Group Counseling Techniques- ADX 304 Family Dynamics & Treatment- ADX 306 Seminar in Counseling Fieldwork I- ADX 351 with Counseling Fieldwork I- ADX 352 Seminar in Counseling Fieldwork II- ADX 353 with Counseling Fieldwork II- ADX 354
Slide 4 - Courses-Elective Classes Electives Cognitive Behavior Treatment–ADX 309 (Domestic Violence ) Process Additions - ADX 311 (Covers a wide variety of Addictive Disorders) Ethical Considerations*
Slide 5 - Transferable Classes ADX Courses transferable to Human Services Human Services transferable to ADX Courses Also, some courses are equivalent to SOC & PSY
Slide 6 - Equivalent Courses ADX to the Human Services ADX 301 = HUS 310 ADX 304 = HEA 315 ADX 306 = SOC 320 or HIS 379 ADX 351/352 and ADX 353/354= HUS 380/381 these seven are Degree Applicable to Human Services Human Services to ADX PSY 367 or HUS 310 = ADX 301 PSY 342 or HEA 315 = ADX 304 SOC 320 or HIS 379 = ADX 306 ***Please note that the HS intern classes are NOT equivalent/transferable to the ADX internship classes
Slide 7 - Waiver Submit Waiver Form to Administration as part of your Application Administration will notify you if approved/ granted If class(es) attended at another University, you must submit the Syllabus for the class(es) you believe fulfill(s) the ADX requested class(es)
Slide 8 - Program Framework/Length *Students are ONLY admitted during the Fall and Spring Semesters, *Except for the Introductory Classes, Courses are offered during the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. * Each class is offered in the EVENING only (M-Th) one day a week for 3hours: 6:30pm to 9:30pm *The program is self paced, with 90% completion rate
Slide 9 - Program Framework/Length *Students can complete the ADX program within 4 semesters; Fall to Fall or Spring to Spring (3,3,2,1classes) * Be aware of your Financial Aid unit requirements (full time status= 6units). If above is followed, last semester is only 3units. *Students must have completed all Required 10 courses plus the 1 Elective class with at least 2.5 Grade Point Average AND all 300 Fieldwork Internship hours to receive the Certificate,
Slide 10 - Program Framework/Length *Students MUST take ADX 351/352 BEFORE taking 353/354 *Students MAY NOT take the practicum/internship course, ADX 351/352 before the completion of two semesters or at least completion of 4 classes
Slide 11 - Requirements for Admission Application Application Form & Official Transcripts Essay Recommendation Letters current and non relative Qualifications* Required 2 years sober Preferred Experience Admittance and Conditional/Provisional Admits Registration Financial Aid
Slide 12 - Cost of Program Total cost of the program is $4625, plus $1300 for books/supplies; subject to change. Financial Aid- Must have 6units for financial aid Contact: 310-243-3647
Slide 13 - Disabled Students If you require special accommodations to succeed in your educational goals while at CSUDH, please contact Disabled Students at 310-243-3660. Please provide all paperwork to each Instructor at the beginning of the course or as soon as documentation indicating your need is received.
Slide 14 - Important Dates Information Session 7-9-2014 Fall 2014 Application Submission 7-18-2014 Contacted by 8-15-2014 Orientation 8-19-2014 at 6pm EE 1218 Attendance is REQUIRED Semester Begins 8-25-2014 Spring 2015 Application Submission 12-1-2014
Slide 15 - Faculty *Veronica Bobe-Kollmeyer, MFT- Domestic Violence Dario Ghio, MFT- Introduction to Alcoholism Jean Henricks, Ph.D.- Intro to Counseling *Timothy Hutson, MA- Perspective on Drugs & Eating Disorder George H. Melgarejo, MA, CEAP, SAP- Group Counseling Victoria Scott, MS,CADC-II, LAADC- Individual and Family *Toni B White, LCSW, CDVC-III- Practicum Courses * Completed the ADX Certificate program.
Slide 16 - Open Forum Questions and Answers
Slide 17 - Thank you for your interest.